Megan Hellenfer
Krazy Katz

Team Microphone

Megan's New Design
Gender Female
Hair color Front-Pink


Eye color Blue
Episode Eliminated "NA

Total Drama Sing!:TBA"

Place 1st

Total Drama Sing!:TBA

Relationship Derik Martenez
Family Mom,2 Sisters,Syle(Cousin)
Friends Syle,Ami and Yumi,and Sonic
Enemies Lady Gaga,
Fear Losing Her Lucky Bandana
Talent Archery

Total Drama Syle

In Total Drama Syle, She hated Lady Gaga. In The Pre vote,She voted "El Stupido,AKA Lady Gaga." In Challange 1 she was assigned to "Krazy Katz." When She had to jump off the cliff,She Jumped With Derik. In Challange 2,She Was The first one to say "Muffin" twice, so she preformed trickery to the S'mores, so they could lose. She Picked who was out. In Episode 3, Her fear was losing her "Lucky Bandana". She almost rang the bell, but Derik stopped her. Derik Put his bandana on Her. Her team lost,and she voted Ami. Challange 4: She Came in second, and fell over on Sonic. Her Team lost. She Voted Yumi. In Challange 5; She won. She Picked Sonic to leave. Challange 6: She Was ticked when Lady Gaga Returned. She slapped Derik's hand Away when he Reached for a Sleep Cookie. She saved Derik's necklace from the fire.Challange 8:She Found Chris in the mess hall. She gave her invincibilty to Derik. Challange 9: She didn't get hit by a pokeball. She Won,and she picked Derik to leave. In the Finale,Megan finished her puzzle first,Ran across the board first,and Finished first! She Won The Season.

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