Freezing Seals
Gender Female
Hair color Brown
Episode Eliminated "Chappy Makes Me Happy"
Place 3rd
Relationship Ronald (one-sided on his side)
Family Mother, Father
Friends Kortney, Jennette, Keetin, Foxface
Enemies Rufus, Dustine, Ronald, Zari Arbinian
Fear Being used as a slave
Talent Sleeping, Burping

Meagan, labeled The Lazy Girl, is a contestant on Total Drama Antarctica. Meagan was just never a very active or energetic girl. She stayed inside while the others in preschool played on the slide, and found elaborate ways to hide the health food her parents tried to teach her to eat. Meagan's normal day is going to school, coming home and taking a nap, making a pathetic effort on her homework, and eating a calorie-filled dinner. She has a small social life, occasionally craving a few friends or a boyfriend. She has dated a few boys throughout her life, but was dumped each time for failing to attend dates. Meagan is envied by some for her high metabolism, never working out or eating right but being moderately attractive. Meagan was signed up for Total Drama Antarctica by her parents.

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