McKenzie (TDM)
Frightened Parents
Gender Female
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Hazel
Episode Eliminated "You Got to Eat"
Place 12
Relationship None
Family None Mentioned
Friends Lane
Enemies Johanna
Fear Being Eliminated
Origin Dwarf

McKenzie on Total Drama Mutants 

McKenzie was on Total Drama Mutants for a short time and she hated Johanna since she picked on Lane for being a "Werecat" McKenzie was brought onto the show being a dwarf. She got irritated when Chris laughed at her. During "The Woods" she got captured by Chef Hatchet along with many others causing her team to lose. In "You Got to Eat" she was the first one to barf on the immunity challenge. Later during the elimination ceremony she voted on Johanna along with many others. Johanna was supposed to go home, but Johanna switched the voted making McKenzie getting turned into stone by Chris. McKenzie will return on the season's finale. She may also return on a second season. 

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