Maxwell, labeled The Brains, is a contestant on Total Drama Showdown.

Gender Male
Chapter Eliminated "TBA"
Position TBA
Relationship TBA
Alliances TBA
Family TBA
Friends TBA
Enemies TBA
Origin TDALindsayfan1


Maxwell is the eldeset son of a bookstore owner and his wife. Although a very handsome boy, he is self-conscious over his looks. Maxwell comes across as a very smart and manipulative boy. After his sixth month at home, he started to speak. By age five, he could speak ten languages, almost all completely. Maxwell loves to read and always has a pouch with a new book inside; he is a big fan of the Hardy Potter series. Currently, he has a girlfriend named Sandy. Maxwell signed up for Total Drama Showdown because he wants to show that smart people can win.

Total Drama Showdown



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