TDAOA: 12th
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TDAOA: Gonna Get 'Em All
Alejandro, Mike (Mal), Heather
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Max was a character in Total Drama All Over Again. He is a evil newbie and want a alliance with Alejandro and Mal. He likes Heather a lot, so he wanna her in the alliance to. He's a evil boy and has a bad chakra, Dawn said.

Total Drama All Over Again

Max's first appearance was in the first episode of season one. He talked with Heather and Alejandro, when he arrived. He called the evil things. But he has fight with the two, so he said nothing to them.

In All Over Again he arrived as the second newbie. "The two evil things, they can't win this season cause i will do." Max said to Heather and Alejandro. "Haha, don't make jokes newbie. The only thing you can win is a boat trip to your home, loser." Heather said to Max. "I feel a bad chakra..." Dawn said about Max. The first scene from Max. Next day at the challenge he helped the team. But they loses. Later in the evening at the boys dormitory, Max and Alejandro talked about who they wanna vote off. "There are four girls. We can vote for one of them. You are friends with Heather, right?" Max said. "Me and Heather? No.. we just dating. So we will vote for the same person." Alejandro answered. "Well, Alejandro .. i think i know who will be eliminated tonight." Max said with a evil laugh. At the elimination ceremony he voted Scarlett.

In Gonna Get 'Em All he and Alejandro waked up. Someone knocks on the door. Alejandro looked in the window. He saw nobody. He open the door and sees Mike with Heather. They walked in. "Well, the evil four. We need to talk right now." Mal said. "And why? For what we will do it, then?" Max answered to Mal. "Good. I'm in a different team. But i have a idea. If you three the next challenges lose for your team, then can you vote for the other team members. When you are with these 3, i will lose the challenges for mine team. Are you three in?" Mal told and asked to the three. "What do you think, Heather.. if you agree with him, i'm to." Alejandro said. "Let's say this in a friendly mood. I will do my best this season, and i'm not gonna lose for someone that has nothing. I'm out of this alliance, you can work for yourself." Heather said and when she said this she kissed Alejandro. "But i'm in, Mal." Max said to Mal. "If you lose this challenge for us, you are the next person that will be voted out." Heather said angry to Max. "Ok then Heather, but i'll get my revenge on you." Max said with an evil laugh. His Confessional: ' *CONF* "Heather is so much smarter on TV. When i get Courtney and Dawn, she will going home.


The Challenge

And then it's bye bye Heather." Max said. At the challenge, the Strange Owls walking. When they look around, there's a bigfoot. He's running behind the team. "RUN!" Max said. When they won, he said: "YES YES YES." But they didnt won. When Chris said, the Mad Lions won Max said: "YOU SAID WHAT?". Chris: "I said, the Mad Lions are the winners. They are with 6 team members. You have 3. So Strange Owls, i see you guys at the elimination. But i have a surprise for the Mad Lions. You arent go to the cabins. No, you will stay at .. the McLean Mansion! We build it, on the time you guys looked for me. The team that will win the challenge, has a ticket to McLean Mansion. You have breakfast, lunch and diner ofcourse. And the losing team will go to the cabins, after the elimination ceremony. Man, i love this game." and he walks away. "Fine, so Heather this will be your last night. HAHAHA." Max said and walked away. But Heather wasnt eliminated. It was Max!  This scene was at the elimination ceremony. "WAIT WHAT! YOU SAID THE WRONG NAME." Max said to Chris. "No he said the right name. You tried to lose the challenge for voting me off. But everyone knows your plan with Mal. It will not gonna happen." Courtney said to Max. "Indeed, well it's time to go Max. Do you wanna say something..?" Chris asks. "Yeah. I HATE YOU ALL AND YOU ALL WILL FALL DOWN! I HATE YOU ALLLLL!!!" Max screams to the team. And he's eliminated.

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