Matthew (SS)
Flaming Bears
Team Victory II
Gender Male
Hair color Dirty blonde
Episode Eliminated "TDI: N/A
TDWT: Escape from East St. Louis"
Place TDI: 1st
TDWT: 8th
Relationship Violet
Friends Everyone (except enemies)
Enemies Peter, Madison
Fear Algebra
Talent Piano-playing

Matthew, stereotyped as The Nice Guy, is a character in the Second Season series by Fedora Kid. He was the winner of Total Drama Island: Second Season and was on the Flaming Bears team. He returned as a contestant for Total Drama World Tour: Second Season and was on Team Victory II, which he came up with the name for. He is 13 years old, Caucasian, has short, dirty blonde hair, is fairly short and lean but physically capable, and is most often identified by his extremely friendly and laid-back demeanor and purely reflective Aviator sunglasses (which he never takes off).

Total Drama Island: Second Season

The Campers

Matthew was the fourth camper to step off the boat, and Chris instantly decided to use his extremely reflective sunglasses as mirrors to perfect his hair, which Matthew noticeably didn't mind. He was placed on the Flaming Bears team.

The 1,000-foot Climb

Matthew participated in the second round, against Mark for the Psycho Squirrels. Although he briefly lost his grip when he grabbed a root that gave way, he managed to swing back and get a firmer grip, further determined when Chris taunted him by saying that he was going to fail. At the end of the round, both Matthew and Mark made it, in one of the only rounds where both campers made it (along with Round Three, Daniel against Josh, and Round Six, Violet against Tim). The score was brought to two to one. The Bears eventually lost, and Matthew received the first marshmallow of the season.

Don't Touch the Food

Matthew revealed that he has a love for McDonald's when he sees the massive meal in the beginning of the episode, and it's the first thing he goes for. Later, during the challenge, he is the last member of the Flaming Bears standing, and faces off against Peter for the Squirrels. He eventually decides to trick Peter by splashing the water from his bottle on him, enraging him and causing him to chase Matthew around the Bonfire pit repeatedly. Eventually, Matthew runs straight towards the table with Peter right behind him. At the last moment, he stops, ducks, and curls into a ball so that Peter trips on him, flying right into the table and much of the food on top of it. Thus, Matthew wins the challenge for the Bears and is regarded as a superstar for his team.

Dodgebrawl 2

When Matthew realized what the challenge was, he was quite excited and revealed that he loves Dodgeball, which he is also apparently really good at. In the first two rounds, Matthew was the last person standing, catching a ball in the first round to win the challenge, and being hit by a ball that knocked his ball out of his hands in the second round. Coincidentally, both attacks were from Peter. In the third round, Matthew was switched with Luke. In the fourth and fifth rounds, Matthew competed once more, and was, once again, the last person standing in the final round, against John. Although he had demonstrated extreme dodging skills, his throwing skills weren't much. Thus, his only chance was to catch a ball from John. Eventually, John managed to wind up a powerful hit aimed straight at Matthew's head. Matthew ducked under it, and it was so powerful that it bounced off the wall behind Matthew and hit John himself right in the face, technically counting as an elimination and thus winning the challenge for the Bears.

The Show Mustn't Go On

When Rachael presented her idea for the Bears' skit, it was Matthew who instantly got the joke about how it was a clear representation for Chris and Chef's cruel treatment of the campers. Matthew changed his name to "Nathaniel" for the skit and acted as the director. Nathaniel was one of the five surviving characters in the skit, which was a remarkable success that won the challenge for the Bears once more.

The Island of The Dead

When the Bears were declared to be the Shooters and decided to split into smaller groups, Matthew and Violet were paired up. This was the only smaller group that wasn't broken up in the challenge and remained together until the end. They first encountered Samantha chasing after Zombie Madison and shooting at her. They both shot at Madison, which stopped her and distracted her long enough for Samantha to take her out. After that, Matthew, Violet, and Samantha stayed together, reunited with Daniel, and took out Rachael (who had been tagged out). Eventually, Samantha was tagged out by Jeremy, and in turn, both were shot out by Daniel. In the end, these three were the last ones left when 12 of the campers (including those previously-eliminated) all returned for one last chance. Matthew was eventually eliminated when he tripped on a rock, as he was too focused on shooting Peter to see where he was going. Daniel was eventually eliminated as well, sending the Bears to the Bonfire. Matthew received the 4th marshmallow, and was the first non-Invincibile member of the team to receive one that night.

Not Quite Famous 2

Matthew acted as one of the three judges for the Bears' talents, alongside Violet and Rachael. At the end of the auditions, he was the last to go, demonstrating his piano-playing skills. He was chosen as one of the three performers for the Bears, alongside Jennifer and Daniel. After Daniel sprained his ankle on Peter's discarded banana peel, Matthew and Ruth helped him up, and Matthew decided to have Ruth replace Daniel, as she was already considered a close fourth. Matthew's piano-playing earned a 5/6 from Chef, the same rating that Jennifer before him received. However, the Bears ended up losing the challenge once more, and Matthew received the 7th and penultimate marshmallow that night.

The UCC (Ultimate Crash Course)

Matthew agreed to do the go-kart portion of the challenge, admitting that he has a go-kart at home and drives it around regularly. He faced off against Peter for the Squirrels, and although the criminal played very dirty, Matthew eventually managed to perform a PIT Maneuver on Peter, causing his go-kart to spin out of control long enough for Matthew to get further ahead of him. Peter was so mad when he arrived at the finish line and saw Matthew's empty go-kart that he rammed it head-on before getting out. Eventually, it came down to Daniel against Josh for the final round. Daniel was swimming towards the Dock when a swarm of sharks approached. In a flashback, Daniel recalled a friendly chat he had with Matthew several days earlier, in which Matthew revealed his extensive knowledge of sharks and that they generally don't attack unless agitated by splashing or blood. Thus, Daniel managed to keep his cool long enough to swim to the Dock and win the challenge for the Bears.

The Sucky Outdoors 2

Matthew acted as the Bears' leader while they headed to the campsite. When they arrived, Matthew, Rachael, and Daniel all began working on the tent. Later, when Isaiah came running back after encountering Sasquatchinakwa, Matthew tried to reassure him that it was fine, and he even offered to head out and collect firewood himself to let Isaiah rest. Later that night, when the team was trying to get some sleep, Matthew was noticeably nervous, and revealed that he has been afraid of the wilderness ever since one of his teachers told multiple stories of people who suffered miserably going to Yosemite National Park. Just then, the group was attacked by a bear, which chased them right out of their campsite and into the woods. Eventually, just as they lost the bear, they ran into the Sasquatchinakwa. Matthew, considering himself an expert in cryptozoology, jumped up onto its shoulders and tried to pull the "mask" off, looking for a seam or something, only to discover that it was real. They ran off again, this time escaping both animals for good and running into a cave. At that point, the team was thoroughly lost since Daniel dropped the map and compass after Matthew gave it to him. Thus, this sparked a massive and very heated debate on whose fault it was that they were so lost. Samantha and Jennifer insisted that it was Matthew's fault for giving the equipment to Peter in the first place, while Luke and Violet insisted that it was Daniel's fault. Even when Matthew tried to end the argument, he still faced criticism from the two aforementioned girls. Later, while the rest of the team was asleep, Violet comforted Matthew, who was off by himself and worrying about his chances should they lose, fearing that he truly was at fault for the incident. The Bears arrived seconds after the Squirrels did, and thus lost the challenge after all. However, at the Bonfire, Matthew received the 6th marshmallow that was just before the bottom two, which was Daniel and Samantha. The feud was settled when Samantha was sent home, thus leaving Matthew and his supporters as the majority on the team.

Wawanakwa Scavenger Hunt

When the teams split into smaller groups, Matthew was paired up with Violet. Strangely enough, they were never seen again until the end of the challenge. Thus, any items they went after, where they were located, or whether or not they retrieved any of them, were never shown in the episode. The Bears eventually won the challenge.

Phobia Factor 2

Matthew revealed that his worst fear is Algebra, as it was always his worst subject in school. After Jeremy was called, Matthew was the second camper, and the first member of the Bears, called up by Chris. He had to complete a stack of papers full of Algebra questions, and if he could answer all of them, he'd score a point for his team. The rest of the challenge went by, and when Chris suddenly found the teams in a tie, he had no idea what to do. Violet then reminded him about Matthew, whom they hadn't checked back on since that morning. They all raced back to the main lodge and found Matthew, exhausted, barely conscious, and lying on top of the papers he had just completed. Despite his ruined state, he completed the task and scored the final, winning point for the Bears, saving them from elimination once more.

Return to Boney Island

When the group split into smaller groups, Matthew was paired up with Luke. Eventually, after Rachael and Isaiah lost their respective partners and teamed up on their own, they encountered a rustling bush nearby. A nervous Isaiah fired five shots into the bush, only for it to be revealed that Luke and Matthew were behind it, Matthew having one shot on his left arm and Luke covered in paint. Eventually, they decided to go to Boney Island, and they headed for the beach. Finding two canoes, they split into two smaller groups, Matthew and Rachael sharing one canoe while Luke and Isaiah shared the other. Although Luke was dragged off by three zombies in another canoe, Isaiah managed to jump into Rachael and Matthew's canoe while Luke was taken away. They soon encountered Mary, Josh, and Violet, and the six teamed up and headed to Boney Island. Once there, Mary and Rachael were taken by a horde of zombies and Matthew was separated from the others. He ended up down another path that, ironically, led him right to the cursed Bazeel idol. Just as he realized what it was and stepped towards it, a zombie appeared behind him and knocked him out. After it was revealed to be a challenge that the Bears lost, Matthew received the first marshmallow.

No Pain, No Game 2

When Matthew and the other male Flaming Bears were moving into the Squirrels' cabin, Matthew tried to remain optimistic about having to stay in the same cabin as Peter, even though Luke and Isaiah were angry and afraid of the thought. Upon arriving and finding Jeremy strung from the beams by his underwear, even Matthew was worried. Matthew was known to make it the last five campers still standing, along with Violet, John, Peter, and Rachael, by the third round, but it is unknown what challenge eliminated him and when. At the Bonfire, Matthew received the 8th marshmallow.

Total Treasure Island

Before the challenge began, Matthew asked Chris if they could form alliances in the hunt for the treasure chest, and if these alliances brought the chest back, if all members could share Invincibility; Chris said yes. Thus, Matthew went out and formed an alliance of five, consisting of himself, Violet, Rachael, Jeremy, and Mark. Matthew quickly figured out Chris's clue and how it obviously meant that the chest was hidden in the old Boathouse. While searching, Rachael and Jeremy worried about finding it amidst other junk and objects similar to it. Matthew, however, concluded that the chest they were looking for wouldn't have dust on it like everything else in the Boathouse, since it was new. With this in mind, Violet eventually found the correct chest, only for Peter to steal it from her. The alliance eventually got the chest back when Isaiah lost it, and they soon encountered Tim, Luke, Mary, and Jennifer. Mark eventually ran off with the chest, only to trip and drop it off the 1,000-foot cliff. Eventually, it ended up back in Matthew's hands after John dropped it, and Matthew raced to the finish line with Peter right behind him. Just as they were about to reach it, Peter caught him and, after a brief confrontation, punched Matthew and took the chest from him, winning Invincibility. Matthew was helped up by Violet and Mark as they comforted him. At the Bonfire, Matthew was in the bottom two for the first time in the season, alongside John, and he was noticeably nervous about it. However, he received the final marshmallow and John was sent home for the second time. Afterwards, as the teens returned to the cabins, after Mark and Violet comforted Matthew once again, Peter confronted him quietly and warned him that no one would beat him or stand between him and the win at the end of the season. He then shoved Matthew to the ground and left.

Hide and Be Sneaky 2

Matthew hid under the porch of the Main Lodge. After Mark and Violet were found and ran frantically towards the Dock of Shame with Chef behind them, Matthew decided to sacrifice himself to let them both get Invincibility. He ran to a mud puddle nearby, grabbed a handful of mud, and flung it at the back of Chef Hatchet's neck. Chef Hatchet was distracted enough that Matthew's plan worked. While Matthew was quickly eliminated, Mark and Violet made it to the lifeguard chair and tagged it, winning Invincibility for both of them. At the Bonfire, Matthew received the 6th marshmallow.


Matthew was the second person called up to run the course, after Rachael. Despite encouragement from Violet and others, he fell off about halfway through the Pop-Up Platforms when one rose up under him and knocked him off. At the Bonfire, he received the 4th marshmallow, and once again was the first non-Invincible camper to received one that night.

Search and Do Not Destroy 2

Matthew's key was hidden on a rock ledge somewhere on the side of the 1,000-foot cliff. Just as he prepared to head down, Violet appeared behind him and wanted to watch him get it. He easily retrieved it, and then even offered to help Violet get her key, which was in the middle of a piranha pool. When she was too afraid to get it, he volunteered to do it for her altogether, climbing up the wooden pole and shimmying across the wire to drop down to the rock platform where the key was. He threw the key back to her, but then realized that he was stuck. Violet got a vine for him from a nearby tree and threw it to him, and he whipped it up around the overhead wire and climbed back up, crawling back across to solid ground and jumping off at the top of the pole. Only one foot actually hit solid ground, while his other foot went into the air over the pool. When he started to fall, Violet quickly caught him and pulled him back, saving him. She then kissed him as thanks for getting her key for her even through the danger. It was then that both revealed to each other that they had harbored feelings toward each other for a long time, since earlier in the season, and now they learned about their mutual feelings for each other and thus formed the first relationship of the season, which Chris was relieved to see happen after all this time. Meanwhile, Peter was watching from the bushes nearby and, disgusted by the hook-up, vowed to ruin it for them. Inside Matthew's chest at the end of the challenge was a single bag of pretzels and a can of orange soda, which Matthew was excited to have. At the Bonfire, Matthew received the second marshmallow, after Peter, who had won Invincibility.

Child's Play

Matthew was the third camper called up, and he spun "Extreme Hopscotch," in which he had to hop across 10 rock pillars over a treacherous gorge full of sharp, jagged rocks at the bottom. Despite Peter yelling at him that he couldn't do it, Matthew managed to pass the challenge and win Invincibility. At the Bonfire, Matthew received the second marshmallow after Peter once more.

Wawanakwa Gone Wild! 2

When the campers received their respective animals, Matthew had to catch a snake. When Violet revealed that she had to catch a piranha, Matthew offered to help her, and helped her search the old Boathouse for something that she could use, eventually finding a fishing net with a single dead fish in it. By the time he helped Violet find her item, there were 10 seconds left, so Matthew just grabbed a bucket and settled with it. After the challenge began, he and Violet went to the piranha pool from the challenge two episodes earlier. The wire between the two poles, as well as the vine he had used to escape, was still there, so Matthew crawled over, retrieved the vine, and crawled back. He put the vine through two square holes in the net, each one opposite of the other, and put the fish in the middle. They tossed the net into the pool, then quickly pulled it back out and dragged in several piranhas. Violet headed off with the captured piranhas and finished a close second. Matthew than ran off on his own, eventually finding and catching a snake using a bucket and a stick. He quickly brought the snake back to camp, finishing in third. Afterwards, Matthew and Violet decided to help their remaining alliance-mates catch their animals, heading out and helping Mark catch his parrot and Jeremy catch his crab. At the Bonfire, Matthew received the second marshmallow.


When Jeremy started spasming and collapsed to the floor at breakfast, Matthew, Violet, and Mark all ran over to help him up despite his constant babbling. Later, Matthew was placed on Team One, alongside Peter and Jennifer. When he tried to get into the cabin during the storm, a wave hit the boat and knocked him to the side, knocking him out against the doorframe. When he awoke and realized what had happened, he instantly began worrying for Violet and the other team. He ventured inland with the others and eventually found the crashed plane full of supplies, only to be chased out by bats. Eventually, after taking all of their newly-found supplies back to the wrecked boat and building a large signal fire, Chris and Chef arrived and revealed that it was all a challenge, which Team One just won. At the Bonfire, Matthew received the first marshmallow, and fellow alliance-mate Jeremy (still in his dazed stupor) was sent home.

TDI Quiz Show

At the beginning of the episode, Matthew and Violet shared a pair of headphones to listen to Elvis Presley songs. Matthew admitted that some of his favorites were "Hound Dog" and "Are You Lonesome Tonight?" In the challenge, Matthew started off strong by answering the first few questions correctly, often humiliating Peter by stealing his answer when he got it wrong. In the 20th and final round, Matthew was in the lead with 30 points, ahead of Peter with 28 points. However, Peter managed to answer a Double Question correctly, thus tying the score at 30 both, then answered the tie-breaker question correctly, winning Invincibility. At the Bonfire, Matthew received the second marshmallow.

The Not-So-Amazing Race

Throughout the entire challenge, Peter was constantly hounding Matthew and trying to get him eliminated. During the footrace, Peter kept taunting Matthew was the exhaustion and pain he must be going through at that moment. Eventually, when Matthew recognized the pattern in which Peter ran to keep up with him, he managed to trick him by moving to the left of an approaching pit. Thus, Peter, who was running to the left of him, stumbled right into the ditch and fell, allowing Matthew a lead ahead of Peter. While Jennifer finished first and Matthew second, Peter managed to barely beat Violet and advance to the next round, while Violet was eliminated. The second round was the Jet-Ski race. While they raced around the island, Peter kept firing his water gun at Matthew, and eventually started ramming him with his own jet-ski. Eventually, he fired his water gun and knocked Matthew's sunglasses off, and when Matthew turned to look at him, Peter fired again and him him directly in his exposed left eye, distracting him with the pain. Peter rammed his jet-ski one final time, causing it to spin out and eventually flip over on a small rock ahead, eliminating Matthew. After Peter went on to win the race and receive the first marshmallow at the Bonfire, Matthew ended up in the bottom two once again, alongside Jennifer. However, he received the final marshmallow, and Jennifer was sent home.

I Triple Dog Dare You! 2

Throughout the challenge, Matthew found himself rarely doing a dare by himself, either daring Peter to do a challenge or being forced to endure a challenge from Peter. Several times during the challenge, Matthew boldly offered Violet a freebie when a challenge was especially dangerous or disgusting. Eventually, when Peter spun Daniel's dare of swimming in shark-infested waters with an open wound, he dared Matthew. Matthew used his last freebie, leaving him and Violet freebie-less. Then, after one more round, Peter spun John's dare of standing in a burning building for one minute, and he dared Violet. Violet, due to her fear of fire, backed out and was eliminated, much to Matthew's despair. Violet left, but not before Matthew vowed to make Peter pay for what he had done.

Season Finale

When the 20 previously-eliminated campers returned, 19 supported Matthew, with only John supporting Peter. Matthew said that, aside from some money funding his college tuition, he would throw a big party that would be all about destroying Camp Wawanakwa, and everything in it. He promised both Chris and Chef a bunch of combs, hair gel, and a fancy handheld mirror, and a large set of various sharp knives, respectively. Matthew had to don the fish hat. In the run, Peter gained a lead on Matthew and kicked a rock back at him. Although it successfully tripped Matthew, Peter turned to look back and slipped in a mud puddle, causing him to tumble back down the steep mountain. Matthew quickly overtook him and ran past, jumping off the top of the 1,000-foot cliff first. Peter, as soon as he got back to his feet, instantly dashed off and gained some lost ground. By the time Matthew had reached the Dock of Shame, Peter was about ten feet behind him. When they were both on surfboards, Peter tried to punch Matthew, who ducked under it. Peter simply took advantage of this distraction and flipped his board over with his foot, giving him another advantage and allowing him to pull ahead. However, when he reached the motorcycles, he stopped and waited for Matthew to catch up, just so that he could get another chance to wipe him out. He offered Matthew a ten-second head-start, which Matthew warily took. Peter then sped after him and tried to hit him several times, with Matthew dodging most of them. Chris then started detonating bombs in the trail underneath them, which noticeably startled Peter. However, it was then revealed that Peter made some "adjustments" to Matthew's motorcycle in the spare time he had between when he arrived and when Matthew arrived, and when Matthew hit a pothole and a single screw fell out, the whole motorcycle instantly fell to pieces. Peter sped right by Matthew and the ruins of his motorcycle, only to be blown into the sky by one of Chris's bombs moments later. Matthew had time to get ahead of Peter while Peter was stunned, and they both reached the gorge at the same time. They both had to put on massive slabs of meat around their necks and cross the shark-infested gorge. When Peter commented that it was too easy, Chef grabbed one end of his plank and started shaking it, eventually causing Peter to fall off. He managed to defeat most of the sharks and swim downriver, thus arriving at the canoes two minutes before Matthew did. However, when Peter's canoe reached the piranha-infested area of the river, the piranhas started attacking his oar due to Chef smearing steak sauce on it. Eventually, while jabbing at the piranhas with the oar, Peter hit a rock and smashed the oar completely, ruining it. Then they reached the waterfall. Although Peter was the second to reach the waterfall, he was much more enthusiastic about it and had a much better landing, while Matthew was horrified and crashed into the rocks below, resulting in a severe injury that put a limp in his right leg. Peter jumped out and ran off towards the finish line. Eventually, Peter tripped on a rock while yelling back at Matthew, taunting him that he was going to win by a landslide. As a result, he flew right into a ditch. Matthew continued on and Peter crawled out, still ahead of Matthew and determined to regain the lost ground. Peter did, in fact, get ahead and was just about to cross the finish line when a boot suddenly tripped him and caused him to fall just short of the finish line. It was revealed to be a police officer, who, alongside one other officer, was in the process of arresting him for many past crimes, thus allowing Matthew to catch up while everyone else encouraged him. He managed to get ahead of Peter and drew closer to the finish line. Eventually, Peter broke free and tried to cross the finish line, but Matthew crossed it a split second before Peter did, thus winning the challenge, the season, and the $100,000 for Matthew. Matthew, along with Chef, saluted the officers as they took Peter away. Later, as the other contestants tortured Chris and Chef, Matthew and Violet had their arms around each other, with Matthew commenting on how good life was.

Total Drama Drama Drama Drama Island

At the beginning of the special, the cast was rocking to Matthew's MP3 player as it played Elvis songs. Then, when Chris arrives, he congratulates Matthew on his win before giving him the ultimatum: Keep his $100,000 all to himself, or accept the $1,000,000 challenge. Matthew admitted that he didn't like to gamble, and while it would undoubtedly be seen as selfish, he turned down the offer. Chris was fine with it, however, and revealed the true result: While Matthew could keep his money, the other 20 teens could all participate in the race for the million dollars. Thus, the challenge was on, and Matthew watched most of the unfoldings on the monitors at Playa Des Loser, alongside Chris and Chef. He was with Chris when they talked to Daniel and Jennifer on the beach, informing them of John and Mary stealing Chef's helicopter, and they both ran to the campgrounds after the main lodge was destroyed in an explosion. Due to not participating in the challenge at all, Matthew was one of the 8 contestants who did not advance to the next season.

Total Drama World Tour: Second Season

Episode 1

Matthew was the very first contestant to arrive, and although he greeted his friends such as Mark and Rachael, and Violet, rather warmly, he remained strangely silent and distant. In his first confessional, he flatly and firmly stated that this time, he was in it to win it. When the challenge began, Matthew firmly took charge of his team and took control of the sub. He was quick to delegate various tasks to other teammates James and Violet. When they finally found their chest, Matthew guided Violet and told her what to do as she operated the mechanical arms. Despite being attacked by a giant squid and Mark freaking out, Matthew managed to break their sub free of the squid's grip and return to the surface with their chest, winning the very first challenge for their still unnamed team. At the first Barf Bag ceremony, Matthew received the very first Bag.

Episode 2

As Matthew and James were relaxing in first-class at the beginning of the episode, Matthew commented that it "sucks to be a loser," in reference to the other teams. When James said that he could've been nicer to them, Matthew cut him off and asked that if they could win, why didn't they? He said all that mattered was that they won and the other teams lost. When it came time to name their team, Matthew and James came up with "Team Victory II," which Matthew said was an obvious homage to the original Team Victory, only they would win more often than the original team did. When they started the tightrope-walking challenge, Matthew immediately volunteered to go first for Team Victory II. Despite some close calls, he actually made it across, and celebrated by throwing the balancing pole and parachute over the edge. However, as the parachute had an expensive radio inside it, Chef was enraged at the destruction of property and declared that Matthew's point didn't count. In response, Matthew spent an entire confessional cursing. Later on, Matthew thought that he would get to go in the base-jumping challenge since Chef didn't count his point. However, to further aggravate Matthew, Chef declared that he wouldn't be competing in the second half of the challenge either, enraging him further. However, Team Victory II managed to pull off a come-from-behind victory thanks to James, who crash-landed directly in the middle of the bull's eye.

Episode 3

In first-class at the beginning of the episode, Matthew complimented and thanked James for winning the last challenge for them as he took some cookies from the stewardess. However, when James asked if he could have one, Matthew told him to get up and go get his own. Matthew once again took control of the team and the vehicle for the challenge, taking the wheel of their boat and wasting no time in racing ahead of the other two teams, gaining much ground over Team Madison and Team Sahara (who faced a massive delay). When they arrived at the fork in the river, Matthew instantly declared that they would go left, since the left is generally his favorite side. Despite Violet asking if they should take a vote, Matthew said that it would take too long and allow Team Madison to catch up with them. As they raced down at top speed, Violet and the other teammates advised Matthew to ease up so that the engine would overheat, and since there was nobody behind them. But Matthew insisted on gaining even more distance, and continued pushing the engine too hard until it blew out. This allowed Team Madison to pass them up and gain the lead. Fortunately, Eryn appeared in a small, wooden rowboat and helped fix their engine in return for rejoining the competition and their team. Once it was fixed, they managed to barely catch up to Team Madison and surpass them, running aground next to the St. Louis Arch and winning the challenge for the third time in a row.

Episode 4

Less than 30 seconds after the challenge started, Matthew came up with a clever way to eliminate Suzie from the challenge. He took a 10-dollar bill out of his pocket and tossed it to the ground, telling Suzie that he'd pay her to get it for him. She quickly let go of the trailer to get it, eliminating herself. She added insult to her own injury by telling Matthew that she had fooled him, since she wouldn't give him the 10 dollars back. Over 4 hours later, he approached Lauren as she was complaining about the heat. When she said that she couldn't see herself in anything, since the windows on the trailer weren't very reflective, she asked if Matthew could tell her whether or not her mascara was running. Matthew feigned horror and told her that her whole face was a complete mess. She panicked and let go of the trailer, dashing over to the camera crew and demanding a mirror, only to find that her face was just fine. Just under 6 hours in, Matthew approached Isaiah when he saw that he was clearly suffering from Anna's nonstop animal stories, and agreed to come up with a clever way to get him removed from the challenge and without having to endure Anna any longer. Matthew then faked a sneeze onto Isaiah's one hand that was holding onto the trailer, and he let go instantly. Matthew then directed him over to the dark-skinned intern, Franco, who was the massage expert in first-class. Isaiah asked him to pinch a pressure point in his right shoulder that would knock him out, to which Franco agreed just to get Anna to shut up. Later, just as it started raining, Samantha screamed in terror about how the water would kill her phone. Her subsequent scream caused Matthew, Mary, and Nicole to cover their ears with both hands, thus letting go of the trailer. This only left Eryn on the trailer for Team Victory II, but she managed to outlast Louis, even through a tornado, and win the challenge for Team Victory II.

Episode 5

Though Matthew himself didn't have much of a significant role in the challenge, his behavior finally got Violet, Rachael, and Eryn to talking about what they would do with him. Rachael implied throwing a challenge, but Violet decided against that. Her final decision to just play the challenge out as they normally would and let the chips fall where they may allowed Eryn to inform Matthew and the cabbie that they were going the wrong way. They quickly turned back and headed to the Luxor, with Eryn volunteering to climb to the top of the pyramid itself to retrieve their object. However, Eryn had to leap off of James for an extra boost to start her climb, and accidentally kicked him in the face, knocking him out. Thus, when the entire cast had to do the musical reprise of the earlier song, James was the only one who didn't sing at all due to being knocked out, and was eliminated. Matthew was visibly angry about this and desperately tried to wake up James, but to no avail before he was taken away by Carl. Despite the loss of James, Team Victory II went on to win for the fifth consecutive time, once again thanks to Eryn.

Episode 6

At the beginning of the episode, Matthew was noticeably disappointed over James's departure, as he now had no one to hang out and enjoy first class with. Yet again, when the challenge began, Matthew assumed command and told Eryn to do the bungee-jumping. She managed to retrieve all five items first, then inflate the raft and drop it back down to the water. As Matthew slid down the rope first to join her, Violet asked what had ever happened to the chivalry of "ladies first." They got the head start in the challenge and never lost their lead. Shortly after splitting up once inside the prison - Rachael and Violet in one direction, Matthew and Eryn in another - they managed to find their cell and unlock it, winning once again.

Episode 7

Before the challenge began, Matthew and Eryn chose to don the slime-shooters. Then, before Matthew could set up the pairs of members for the challenge, Violet suddenly declared that she would go with Eryn, while Rachael would go with Matthew. Matthew was visibly stunned at this and tried to say something, but Violet simply asked if he wanted to keep the slime-shooters separated or not. He said yes, and she ended the conversation there. After the challenge had already begun, when Matthew and Rachael were alone, he asked her if something was wrong with Violet. Rachael replied by asking whether or not something was wrong with him. When Matthew seemed even more stunned by this, Rachael gave a long list of the reasons she and the others were suspecting this, including his smug, arrogant attitude and over-competitive nature. After a reluctant pause, Matthew finally declared that there was a reason for this behavior, though he wasn't using it as an excuse. Just as he started his story - about how he returned to school following the TDA finale - a tentacle suddenly reached out of a nearby doorway, grabbed Rachael, and silently pulled her in. Thus, Matthew was unknowingly alone and told his entire story to an empty hallway. Only after he finished his story did he realize that Rachael was gone, and started to panic. When he saw the creature suddenly appear in the hallway, he found that his slime-shooter was useless and ran. He eventually ran into a spare room with a real flame-thrower - similar to his slime-shooter - hanging on the wall behind him. He put it on and tried it out, and found that it was real and worked perfectly. Later, he encountered Ethan, Jessica, and Samantha, the latter of whom had also just seen the monster, and confirmed Samantha's ravings that it was real, but that he scared it off with a blast of his flame-thrower. However, Ethan refused to believe him, and they all went their separate ways. Matthew didn't find anyone else until he ran into Violet, Ethan, and Jessica - the last three survivors besides himself - together in a small back room, with the creature (tunneling underneath the floor) closing in on them. Matthew quickly thought up a plan and got Jessica to help him. They pulled a large, metal shelf lined with heavy equipment into the middle of the hall as a blockade that would fall onto the creature as it came up to them. Once it did, he and Jessica opened fire into the hole with his fire and her slime. However, Ethan - who was standing behind them along with Violet - enacted his dastardly plan by faking an attempt to help and coming up next to Matthew, only to "trip" and fall into him, knocking the nozzle of his flame-thrower backward and sending the flames all over the place, horrifying Violet into a state of shock. The entire hallway was consumed in flames, and the creature soon came around from behind and tore the floor out from under Violet. Matthew, thinking fast, used his flame-thrower's nozzle to smash one end of the hanging, long bar of light above them, swinging it down and accidentally hitting Ethan in the back of the head, knocking him out. Matthew then grabbed it and pulled his feet up, hanging from the ceiling as the floor fell out from underneath Ethan. Matthew then swung back and forth several times before letting go and flying in through the doorway of the nearby room, where Jessica was standing. To save himself, he instinctively grabbed onto Jessica and pulled himself forward while pushing her right into the pit, leaving only himself. He went down into the ice basement, only for the creature to burst through the wall and temporarily separate him from his flame-thrower. However, when he smashed a lantern on its exposed foot, he distracted it long enough to grab his flame-thrower and fire two blasts at it, setting the creature on fire and eventually blowing it up, causing the rest of the compound to either collapse or explode with it. Chef and Carl soon arrived, and Matthew was declared the winner, giving Team Victory II their seventh straight win. However, Violet was found, alongside an unconscious Ethan and a worried Jessica, in a panic attack due to the fire. Matthew's rough exterior was finally broken, and he knelt beside her while fearing for her health. Carl ultimately decided to call in the medevac, and Violet was medically evacuated from the game, devastating Matthew.

Episode 8

For the very first time, Matthew no longer enjoyed his victory. Even in the luxury of first-class and all the Dr. Peppers he could drink, he was now truly miserable since Violet had left, and the one other person he was close to - James - was already gone. His morale was crushed, and he no longer wanted to win. When it came time for the challenge, Matthew was willing to give no effort at all. However, since he was now on the same team as Ethan - the very person who caused Violet's removal - Ethan now had to re-encourage Matthew so that he would perform better in the challenge and help the two of them, along with Louis, to win the challenge. Ethan's first few attempts failed until he finally came up with an idea. In order to channel Matthew's anger at himself into his effort in the challenge, he told Matthew to imagine that, whenever he was shooting at the girls and their interns, he was instead shooting at the past version of himself, the version that he hated so much. Matthew took this advice and went full-force into the challenge, alongside the dark-skinned, burly intern Franco as Beta Team (using the speedboat as their main vehicle), and thus helping out as much as he could, though it was ultimately Louis who won the challenge for the three boys.

Episode 9

Despite his burst of motivation in the previous week, Matthew returned to being depressed by the next episode, most likely due to the first-class area bringing back the painful memories. He was the first contestant thrown out of the Jet by Chef. Rachael eventually stumbled upon Matthew, and told him that she couldn't stop thinking about the story he was about to tell her back in Antarctica, asking if he could tell it again. At that moment, the musical number indicator went off, and Chef told them that he would allow the song to be a solo song for Matthew only if he did it. Thus, Matthew sand My Story. In it, he told the sad tale of how, upon his return home from Total Drama Action 2 years earlier, just about everyone at his school wanted a portion of his prize money. When he kept turning them all down, they began to turn on him; damaging his car, stealing things out of his backpacks, insulting him and everything to do with him (such as his family and religion), and even beating him up on a regular basis. He said that the whole ordeal ultimately made him more determined than ever to, if he ever got the chance, return to Total Drama for another season and win an even larger sum of money than before. Thus, he would have enough to share with everyone, and he would redeem himself and become even more popular. However, after Violet's departure and Rachael's talk with him, he finally realized how his competitive nature had destroyed himself and his friendships. He then told Rachael that he was giving up in the challenge, though not outright quitting. He gave Rachael his own paintball gun and ammunition clips, wishing her good luck while he sat down and waited the challenge out. Rachael was reluctant to leave him alone, but ultimately accepted his offer and left, with him completely disappearing after switching off his tracking device. That night at the Barf Bag Ceremony, Matthew was in luck since Ethan was targeting him for elimination that night anyway. He and Jessica managed to convince Mary and Eryn to vote with them, unaware of the fact that Matthew was already voting for himself. Thus, he received 5 votes to Ethan's 3, and was eliminated. Before he left, he said that being eliminated and "humbled" (as Chef put it) felt good, and that he had finally been set free, leaving everyone else in pure shock as he jumped out of the Jet.


  • Matthew is the first season winner in the series.
    • Matthew is the only season winner to win in the season that he debuted in.
    • Matthew is also the only season winner who did not compete in three seasons.
  • Matthew is one of 14 characters to compete in 2 seasons (TDI and TDWT), the others being Lauren, James, Jessica, Suzie, Nicole, Samantha, Jeremy, Josh, Ruth, Tim, Luke, Jennifer, and Daniel.
    • Matthew is the only two-season participant to win, and the only two-season participant to make it to the final two.
    • He is also one of only two two-season participants to finish in a single-digit place both times he competed, the other being Jennifer.
    • They are both also the only two two-season participants to make it to the merge both times they competed.
  • Matthew is tied with Mark for the highest amount of participation out of any male in the series, as both competed in 33 episodes.
  • Matthew was the highest-ranking contestant in TDI to not be in TDA.
    • He is also the highest-ranking contestant in TDI to be in TDWT.
  • Matthew has been on the winning team more consecutive times than anyone else in the series. He was on Team Victory II for each of the seven times they won in TDWT, and in the first challenge to not feature the original teams, when he and the rest of the guys were put onto a temporary team, they won the challenge. Thus, Matthew was on the winning team eight times in a row.
  • Matthew was involved in the first official relationship in the series; his relationship with Violet.
  • Matthew was the youngest of the original 22, at age 13.
  • Matthew won more challenges for his team than any other contestant in TDI, as he did so 4 times:
    • He was the last one left standing in Don't Touch the Food.
    • He was the last one left standing in Dodgebrawl 2.
    • He was the director of the skit in The Show Mustn't Go On.
    • He faced his fear of Algebra and scored the winning point in Phobia Factor 2.
      • Thus, he is tied with Eryn for the most amount of challenge wins for an entire team in one season, with 4 each.
      • However, Matthew ultimately holds the record for more challenge wins for his team over the course of the entire series than any other contestant, as he did so 7 times. In addition to his four TDI wins, he also:
        • Piloted his team's submarine back to the surface with the treasure chest in hand in Episode 1.
        • Piloted his team's boat and won the river race in Episode 3 (with Eryn's help).
        • Was the last person standing in the Antarctica challenge in Episode 7.
  • Matthew was one of only two contestants to appear in every episode of TDI, the other being Violet.
    • He is one of only eight characters to appear in every episode of at least one season, alongside Violet, John, Mark, Rachael, Louis, Ethan, and Jessica.
    • He is one of only two characters to do so who has competed in only 2 seasons, the other being Jessica.
      • He is the only male in this category.
  • Matthew is one of only two characters whose eyes are generally covered by something (in his case, his sunglasses); the other is John.
  • Matthew is one of four characters in the series to act as a team captain, the others being Violet, Jennifer, and Ethan.
    • He may also be considered the only contestant to act as a team captain of two teams, as he occasionally took the wheel for the Flaming Bears, and was undoubtably the acting captain of Team Victory II.
  • Matthew is the only male in TDWT whose elimination was caused by Ethan.

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