Matt was a player in Total Drama Insanity. He is the only non-veteran to have appeared in other fanfics before TDIn, and so is considered a guest star of sorts. He was included simply to boost ratings and awareness of the show.

Matt Tollin (TDIn)
Murderous Mosquitoes
Gender Male
Hair color Dark Brown
Episode Eliminated "One kick for the team"
Place 22nd
Relationship Gwen (unrequited)
Friends Zeke, Danny, Damien, Daisy, Spense
Enemies Craig, Beth, Eva
Talent Playing guitar

Time on TDIn

When Matt got to Wawanakwa park, he notably shared a warm reunion with Zeke, and Spense was also happy to see him, perhaps again. He was placed on the Murderous Mosquitoes with Zeke. (for that exact reason) He was assigned a room with Zeke due to request from both Matt and Zeke. In his room, he realized that he left his guitar at home, which was his main form of communication, as the only language he can speak is Japanese. (though he understands English perfectly fine) When his team lost in One kick for the team and he and his team discussed who should be voted off, All of Matt's comments were translated into English by Zeke. He voted for Courtney, but was voted off by a majority of his fellow Mosquitoes (namely Damien) because he can't communicate with his team without Zeke translating what he said all the time, a tedious process. Zeke was notably the only one really sad to see him go that night.

However, Matt returned in Damien vs Craig: Strings to be Pulled! on a canoe from the Hut of Humilliation. Danny found him and carried him to the Murderous Mosquitoes' campgrounds. Matt was now able to speak English, and brought ravioli, which became his team's dinner. Later, Matt pestered Zeke about possibly liking Amy, which Zeke denied. When the Mosquitoes made it back to camp, Chris told them that Matt, although allowed to return, could not compete a second time.

In Comeback Kid, Matt was hired as Chris's second assistant, alongside Chef. Matt and Chef serves both teams the gross food dishes, as was the challenge.


Matt notably has a huge crush on Gwen, but their relationship status differs depending on the fanfic that they are in. As of TDIn, Gwen prefers Trent to Matt.


  • Matt is the only new player to be an edit of a veteran. (it's hard to tell, but Matt Tollin is an edit of Cody)
  • Matt received nine votes throughout the show. (nine in One kick for the team)
  • Matt was the first one voted off
  • Due to Matt being in TDIn, a few readers at first thought the entire fanfic was his (Ezekielguy's) doing before Spenstar (me) proved them wrong, as he (I) is (am) the author of this fanfic.
  • While Courtney was a candidate for elimination, the entire Murderous Mosquitoes save Matt and Zeke voted Matt off for obvious reasons. (Japanese, no english)
  • Speaking of which, Ezekielguy is one of two users (so far) to have helped Spenstar (me) in making this fanfic, the other being Sunshineandravioli.
    • He allowed Spenstar (me) to use his character (Matt) in TDIn.

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