Mathew (SS)
Clam Chowders


Gender Male
Hair color Dirty Blond
Relationship None
Family Father, Mother
Fear Getting Shot
Talent Bullying, Playing Soccer

Mathew, labeled as The Rude Guy, is a character on S.S. Total Drama.


In elementary school, Mathew was the most feared of the bullies, idolized by some, and a true nightmare to the outcasts. As Mathew grew up, he noticed the media was portraying the bullies as losers and unintelligent villains, and found another way to be idolized by people. Mathew now acts cool, breaking rules while keeping good grades just to rub in his teachers' faces that he can be intelligent while breaking the rules. In addition this behavior, Mathew acts very rude just to be seen as 'badass', and he is successful at that.

Matthew joined Total Drama just to win it.

S.S. Total Drama


  • Mathew's name was originally Matthew, but the name was already taken, even with the story's initials (SS).

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