Mary (SS)
Psycho Squirrels
Psycho Producers
Team Sahara
Gender Female
Hair color Brown
Episode Eliminated "TDI: Search and Do Not Destroy 2
TDA: War of the Sexes
TDWT: Episode 10: YK2"
Place TDI: 9th
TDA: 5th
TDWT: 7th
Relationship John
Friends Matthew, Jennifer, Louis
Enemies Peter, Madison, Samantha, Ruth, Isaiah, Anna, Ethan, Nicole
Fear Sickness
Talent Perfection

Mary, stereotyped as The Perfectionist, is a character in the Second Season series by Fedora Kid. She was a camper in Total Drama Island: Second Season and was on the Psycho Squirrels team. She returned as a castmate for Total Drama Action: Second Season and was placed on the Psycho Producers. She returned for the third season, Total Drama World Tour: Second Season, and was on Team Sahara. She is 14, has brown hair, brown eyes, and insists on doing everything perfectly.

Total Drama Island: Second Season

The Campers

Mary was the 16th camper to step off the boat, and was placed on the Psycho Squirrels team.

The 1,000-foot Climb

Mary participated in the penultimate round, facing off against Samantha for the Flaming Bears. Mary made it to the top, while Samantha made it to within three feet of the top before she jumped off to save her cell phone (which had fallen out of her pocket). Subsequently, John scored the final point that won the challenge for the Psycho Squirrels.

Don't Touch the Food

Mary was one of the four campers (the others being Tim, Suzie, and Jennifer) who caved in simultaneously during the challenge when Chris and Chef actually started eating food off the smorgasbord in front of the campers. The Squirrels eventually lost the challenge, and at the first Bonfire the Squirrels ever attended, Mary was in the bottom two alongside James. However, she received the final marshmallow, and James was sent home.

Dodgebrawl 2

Mary didn't participate in the challenge until the third round, where she played alongside Peter, Josh, Suzie, and Jessica. The Squirrels won this round, and the Bears won the fourth round, tying the score up two to two. Mary returned for the fifth and final round, alongside Peter, Josh, Madison, and John. The Squirrels went on to lose this round and the overall challenge, and were sent back to elimination. Mary received the penultimate marshmallow right before the bottom two (Jessica and Peter) was reached.

The Show Mustn't Go On

For the Squirrels' skit, Mary took on the task of being the skit's writer, although she had little to work with due to the random and one-sided idea. The skit was a complete failure, and the Squirrels were sent to the Bonfire. Once again, at the Bonfire, Mary received the second-to-last marshmallow before the bottom two, which was Suzie and Peter.

The Island of The Dead

Strangely enough, Mary was one of the few characters who was completely absent from the episode up until the very end, when 12 of the previously-eliminated contestants all returned for another chance. Nevertheless, she failed to catch anyone and earn herself Invincibility. Despite this, the Squirrels won the challenge and she was spared.

Not Quite Famous 2

Mary acted as one of the three judges for the Squirrels' acts, along with Mark and Jeremy. When asked what talent she could do, Mary admitted that she couldn't do any talent since she'd have to perfect whatever the talent was, and if she had to perfect one talent, she would have the urge to perfect any talent she could do. Thus, she never had the time to select any one talent that she'd want to choose just for the talent show. Mary was one of the 9 campers who chased after Peter when he was confronted for what he did to Ruth during her act. The Squirrels won the challenge once again.

The UCC (Ultimate Crash Course)

Mary was not one of the three contestants selected from her team to participate in the challenge, so she was mostly a background character for the episode. When the Squirrels lost once again, she was the 5th person to receive a marshmallow.

The Sucky Outdoors 2

Mary rarely appeared in the episode, and was once again a background character for most of the episode. The Squirrels won this time, sparing her altogether.

Wawanakwa Scavenger Hunt

When the teams were split into smaller groups, Mary was paired up with John. Their first item was an eagle egg from the nest. Mary was reluctant to go up, but was pressured by John into doing so. She attempted to retrieve it, only to be knocked out of the tree by the unseen mother eagle, much to John's amusement. With further insisting from Mary, John finally agreed to get it himself, effortlessly stealing the egg and earning him and Mary 300 points. After that, they didn't get another item. Although the Squirrels were in the lead, a last-minute retrieval by Daniel, Rachael, and Jennifer won the challenge for the Bears by 100 points, and the Squireels faced elimination. For the third time, Mary received the second-to-last marshmallow before the bottom two, which was John and Madison. It was mentioned that John's heavy sarcasm towards Mary after her failure to retrieve the egg was one of the primary reasons why John was eliminated that night.

Phobia Factor 2

It was revealed in the beginning that Mary's fear is diseases. Mary was the fourth person to go up, after Jeremy, Matthew, and Madison. Chris brought in a group of interns who were terribly sick, and Mary had to stand in the middle of the group for five minutes. Mary, like Madison before her, backed down and cost her team a point. The Squirrels lost once more, and Mary landed in the bottom two once again alongside Madison. She was spared, however, and received the final marshmallow.

Return to Boney Island

When the group split into smaller groups, Mary was paired up with Tim. They were eventually the first group to be attacked, and the zombies got Tim. Mary showed little remorse for Tim and took his spare gun, although she eventually started to rely on another, more effective weapon that she had smuggled from the old Boathousel a tranquilizer gun. She took out five zombies with relative ease using this weapon, and planned to keep it a secret to herself. Mary eventually saved both Josh and Violet, although they had no idea that it was her who had fired the shot. The three of them eventually met up with Matthew, Rachael, and Isaiah, the latter of whom shot Mary through the fog when he thought she was a zombie. The six eventually made it to the island, where Mary was the first of the six to be caught by the horde of zombies that attacked them. The Squirrels eventually won the challenge.

No Pain, No Game 2

Mary was one of the six campers left by the third round. Mary was the first to go up in the third round, and was eliminated by the Extreme Heat Challenge, which involved standing under many lamps and mirrors reflecting the sun for ten seconds. She jumped out with one second left, and was eliminated. At the Bonfire that night, she was the 10th person to receive a marshmallow,

Total Treasure Island

Shortly after Chris announced over the loudspeakers that Matthew had the chest, Mary confronted Matthew and his alliance, alongside Tim, Luke, and Jennifer. The alliance of five managed to keep the chest away from the other four by tossing it back and forth between themselves before running off with it. Mary never got her hands on the chest at all in the challenge. At the Bonfire, Mary was the 3rd person to receive a marshmallow.

Hide and Be Sneaky 2

Mary's hiding spot and style of capture was never fully described. All that is known is that she was the third-to-last person to be found, before Isaiah and Rachael. At the Bonfire, Mary was the 8th person to receive a marshmallow.


In the challenge, Mary was the 8th person to go. She did rather well in the obstacle course up until the paintball phase, when Chef hit her in the right eye and knocked her into the mud. At the Bonfire, for the fourth time, Mary received the penultimate marshmallow, ahead of Isaiah and Rachael (the latter of whom was eliminated).

Search and Do Not Destroy 2

Mary's key was tied up by a vine dangling over a pit of quicksand. She tried climbing up the massive tree, and then crawling out onto the branch that the vine was dangling from. She took a long time crawling to the vine, extremely nervous due to the height and the dangerous pit below. Just as she reached the vine and started untying it, Chris announced over the loudspeakers that the time was up, and the campers had to report back to the Amphitheater with their keys. Mary started untying more frantically, desperate to get back in time. However, due to untying it so fast, the vine came undone so easily and so fast that she didn't have time to catch it, and the vine and key both fell into the quicksand. Mary trudged back to the Amphitheater empty-handed. For this reason, Mary was eliminated.

I Triple Dog Dare You! 2

Mary's dare was to steal an acorn from a rabid squirrel in the woods. Violet dared Peter to do it, and at first he was extremely confident about it. However, when the squirrel displayed a unique ferocity, Peter instantly changed his mind and used a freebie.

Total Drama Drama Drama Drama Island

Mary was one of the only campers who chose to head off for the challenge on her own, the other being John. She had no luck with finding the case for a while, but scored several personal victories. First, she enacted a devious plan when she approached the Boathouse and heard two other voices approaching. Mary frantically ran inside and searched around until she found a lantern, smashing it just in front of the doorway and creating a thick puddle of lantern oil. She then hid inside and yelled out that she had just found the case inside the Boathouse. Just as she said this, Madison and Samantha - the voices she had heard - emerged from the woods and, hearing her, ran inside. They both slipped on the puddle of oil and crashed into a pile of crates, while Mary ran out and slammed the door, locking it from the outside and trapping them both inside. She didn't reappear until she encountered John, having been outsmarted by Matthew's alliance and hung upside-down from a tree by his ankle. His Swiss-army knife had fallen from his pocket, and he begged Mary to toss it to him to cut him loose. In exchange, he offered to lead her in the direction they had run with the case and split the money with her. She eventually did so, and they formed an unstable alliance. Along the way, John, surprisingly, opened up to Mary about his past. This new information from the normally silent teen stunned and touched Mary. They eventually sneaked up on Chef Hatchet, who was sent by Chris via helicopter to stop Luke, Isaiah, and Tim from hijacking an ATV, and John knocked him out and stole his keys. They then used the helicopter to look for the case, eventually finding James with the case just as John discovered a tranquilizer gun under the seat. Mary took control of the helicopter while John fired and knocked James unconscious. They quickly swooped down, snatched the case, and flew off towards the campgrounds with the case. However, just as they arrived over the campgrounds, Daniel fired a spear gun at the propeller of the helicopter, destroying it and throwing the case from the cockpit. While the burning wreckage fell, John grabbed Mary and, against her protests, threw both of them out of the helicopter at the last moment. Immediately after the explosion destroyed the main lodge, while Mary was upset, John admitted that it was quite fun. Soon afterwards, Mary saw the wide-open case and dove for it. John, however, noticed the burning beam that was about to fall onto the case and tackled her out of the way, saving her as the burning beam destroyed the money and the case. Both were allowed to continue onto season two, which drew opposite reactions from Mary (happy to be in the next season) and John (who wanted to go home).

Total Drama Action: Second Season

The Castmates

In the Confessional shortly after the episode began, Mary admitted that she was ultimately more satisfied with the idea of a film lot over the previous season's setting in a summer camp. Later, while the girls were unpacking in their trailer, Mary admitted in the Confessional that she was secretly just as confident about the contest this time around as Ruth was, but she wanted to keep her confidence a secret. However, this already proved too late, as Rachael also admitted to being nervous about Mary due to her past reputation for being clever and devious.

The REALLY Wild West

Mary was the third person chosen by Jennifer to be on her team, which was soon named the Psycho Producers. She did not participate in any of the three challenges, but when Daniel's gun was revealed to be sabotaged in the second part, almost everyone instantly believed that she did it. Mary herself repeatedly insisted that she didn't, but soon gave up hope of convincing the others. Her team eventually went on to lose the overall challenge. At the elimination ceremony that night, she received the 4th Gilded Chris, which caused several of her teammates (though it is never specified who) to scowl. After the elimination ceremony, Jennifer approached her and honestly asked her if she did it, to which she replied that she didn't. Jennifer admitted that she didn't think so, and she believed that Mary was innocent.

Medieval Capture the Flag

In the Confessional, Mary admitted her appreciation for Jennifer standing up for her, and Jennifer similarly admitted that Mary desperately needed a second chance. When the team was given their territory, Mary volunteered to be the jail guard. Eventually, when she and Jennifer found themselves to be the only members of their team left, Mary decided to leave behind her guard post and retrieve the Directors' flag. She eventually managed to find it on the seat of the throne in one of the main rooms. She managed to escape the castle with no pursuers and placed her foot in her team's territory a split-second before Rachael (who was holding the Producers' flag) did, thus winning the challenge for her team. This act noticeably earned her the respect of several teammates, already hinting at a road to redemption.

Cops 'n Robbers

When the Producers were declared to be the Cops/Bankers, Mary was selected be Jennifer to scope out the building, alongside her and Luke. At one point, they passed by a massive hole in the wall on one of the upper floors. Mary leaned inside with her flashlight and shined it both ways; in one direction, she shined it just above Daniel's head and missed him, while her light landed right on John in the opposite direction, only for his black clothing to help him blend in with the darkness easily. Later, as Josh began descending the hipline to the bank, Mary emerged on the roof and fired her paintball gun repeatedly at him until he threw himself through a window just below the roof. Mary chased after him, and although it was never shown on-screen, she eventually managed to catch him. Although she didn't appear for the rest of the episode, the Producers went on to win the challenge once again.

SWAT Vs. Predator

When the Producers were declared to be the SWAT team and decided to split into smaller groups, Mary paired up with Jennifer. She reassured Jennifer that she had been doing better, as far as the "Mystery Castmate" fiasco went, ever since the second episode. Jennifer later asked her if she liked any of the guys on the show, which Mary denied. She returned the question, to which Jennifer revealed her secret crush to Mary, but not to the viewers. Mary revealed that she had never had a boyfriend her entire life, and thus, she was not the girl to approach for dating advice. She recommended Violet, sometime after the challenge was over. Shortly afterward, they were attacked by a swarm of bats. The loud screams, screeches, and flapping drew the attention of Mark and Violet, where the latter managed to eliminate Jennifer. Using the bats as an effective cover, Mary avoided Mark's shots and in turn eliminated Violet while they were caught up in their victory. She then ran off, with Mark in hot pursuit. However, Mark was distracted by the bats and eventually tripped over a rock, where he was eliminated by the Mystery Castmate. Eventually, it came down to Mary as the last-standing member of the Producers, while John was the last-standing member of the Directors. They eventually met in an intense standoff where the upper hand was repeatedly jumping between the two, but John eventually managed to win when yet another swarm of bats (startled by Chris's voice on the intercom) distracted Mary and allowed him to shoot her. Thus, the Psycho Producers lost, while Mary had Invincibility due to being the last one standing on her team. She received the first Gilded Chris Award that night.

"Super" Heroes?

For the challenge, Mary was given the hero identity of "Mrs. Freeze," equipped with a water gun containing water that was fifteen degrees below zero. The gun was already cold to the touch, and in the Confessional, she admitted to desperately wanting to use it on Chris. Not too long after the challenge began, Mary encountered Daniel. He started posing and flexing his muscles to distract her, saying that he hated getting sprayed with cold water, and rhetorically asking if he would be the most wanted criminal in the world if he was a criminal. He quickly ran off while she was distracted, but she chased after him right into a nearby building. After he eliminated another target located inside a vault, Mary appeared and blasted him. He wasted no time in running off once again, this time as far away from her as possible. Shortly afterwards, Mary appeared right after Luke fired his first shot at Rachael, blasting her with cold water to repel the heat of his chili sauce. Luke shot her once again, eliminating her. She reappeared shortly after John reached the city's main generator (the main target) and won Invincibility, where he was confronted by a fuming Daniel. While Daniel yelled at John, Mary appeared and blasted him. While John escaped, Daniel stumbled out into the street, where he was confronted and cornered by Jennifer. Mary politely asked Jennifer if she could have the honor of hitting him for the third and final time, to which Jennifer agreed. Thus, Mary finally eliminated Daniel. She admitted in the Confessional that it felt really good to get her revenge on him, and she wished she could do it again. Despite her strong performance in the challenge, the Producers went on to lose the challenge due to Luke and Tim's bickering. As Mary was the only member of the team to eliminate a rival teammate, she won Invincibility once more and received the first Gilded Chris.


After Daniel was switched to the Psycho Producers and volunteered to be their main vocalist, Mary half-heartedly admitted that he was a good singer during rehearsal. Despite her strong, Invincibility-winning performances in the last two consecutive episodes, she was very much in the background in this episode up until after her team's elimination ceremony (where she received the second Award). After the ceremony, Jennifer witnessed Mark (her secret crush whom she admitted to Mary back in Episode 4) making out with Rachael in the newest relationship. Mary came along and also witnessed it, instantly realizing how devastated Jennifer was. From this point on, ironically enough, the roles of the two girls switched: While Jennifer was previously the one protecting and comforting Mary over the "Mystery Castmate" accusations, now Mary was the one comforting Jennifer over her crush liking someone else.

The House of the Deceased

Mary remained one of the only two contestants who disapproved of the new relationship between Mark and Rachael, alongside Jennifer. Also, when Chris reminded the cast about the possibility of debuting castmates like Courtney in the original season, Mary admitted in the Confessional that she hated Courtney (ironically, despite being based off of her). She and Jennifer teamed up in an effort to help convince the returnee Madison that Daniel was evil, seeing as to how she was already falling for his charms. After starting the challenge, Mary first encountered a door with a skeleton that dropped down from above. When she tried the next door, she fell through a pitfall of five stories and landed in mud. She found herself in a torture chamber, filled with hooks, chains, skeletons, and a pit of sharks in the middle. As she reached the top of a staircase that encompassed the walls of the square chamber, she was attacked by two zombie interns. She grabbed a metal hook nearby and used it to throw one of them off the staircase, right into the pit of sharks. She then used the same hook to pry open the door at the top of the staircase and make her escape. She entered a laboratory with three more zombies, but soon found herself in an infirmary full of sick people. Terrified, she ran back and plowed through the three zombies as she escaped into a hallway, through another door, and down a staircase. Strangely enough, her final escape from the house was never actually seen on-screen, although it was later proven that she claimed fourth place, and was also the first female to escape the house. After Jennifer's brutal method of eliminating Rachael worked, she was met with harsh disapproval from the rest of the cast. However, it was never established as to what Mary's reaction was, nor what her reaction to Jennifer's elimination was.

Dinosaurs, Robots, and Taxes; Oh My!

When Mary was called up by Chris, she received the era of the wild, wild west. Her item was a bottle of "perfect" milk, and her hazards were bandits, bank robbers, and drunkards. When she entered the bar, she found out that she needed a ridiculous-looking cow hat as "proof of membership" to enter the milk bar across the street. She managed to get one from two men who were too busy brawling it out to notice that it was gone. She went into the milk bar and found out that the "bottle of perfect milk" had been stolen by a ruthless bandit known as "Black Bart," who vowed to return to the town to avenge his brother's death. Bart himself then appeared with a posse, which started launching dynamite at various buildings in the town. When he got into a standoff with Sheriff Mills, she saw the bottle of perfect milk located in one of his holsters at his hip. At one point, she found a lasso hanging on a hook outside the milk bar and attempted to lasso the milk bottle from Bart, only to accidentally lasso Bart himself and barely escape as he fired at her. She eventually found a box of carrots in a nearby stable and decided to get at the milk bottle through Bart's horse. While the standoff continued, she used a large carrot to distract Bart's horse, which whipped around so fast that he fell off, and the bottle fell out of his holster. Mary snatched the bottle, despite being pursued by Bart and his posse, and escaped back into the Film Lot, discovering that she and John were the last two castmates left, and John had just exited his era at the same time, with his prize in hand. Both dashed for the finish line, with John initially taking the lead. However, at the last moment, he skidded to a stop and let Mary cross the finish line, leaving him as the last one left and automatically eliminating him. When everyone instantly questioned as to why he just threw the challenge and the whole game, John finally revealed that he was the Mystery Castmate all along, having sabotaged the Directors, his own team, time and time again to insure that Mary's team would win, and Mary would be spared from elimination. He admitted to Mary that he thought she was incredible, pretty, smart, good at challenges, and that he had never opened up to anyone like he had to her in the previous season's reunion special. When John admitted to being at a loss for words, Mary said that she was as well. In a shocking turnaround, however, Chris declared that John was still in the game, as the automatic elimination was a fake-out this time around, and that the final elimination would be yet another vote. At the elimination ceremony, everyone (especially Mary, Daniel, and John) believed that John was going home, and Mary admitted that it would be hard to start a relationship with John now, since it would only last a few hours. Mary received the 4th Award, leaving John and Daniel in the bottom two. Surprisingly enough, John received the final Award, and Daniel was eliminated. In the immediate aftermath, John and Mary approached each other, now fully aware that John would in fact be staying for another week. They slowly moved in closer to each other before Chris barged in to announce the contest between Chef and Jay. Because of this, Mary and John's chance to express feelings for each other was delayed, although the feelings were already appearing to be quite mutual.

War of the Sexes

In the wake of John's revelation, Mary was rather unsure of her feelings towards him. While she felt that what John did for her was sweet, she felt that he might not be her type, and that a relationship between them in the future could be uncertain. Newly-debuted Madison, taking the role of antagonist in light of Daniel's elimination, took full advantage of Mary's vulnerability and approached her for an alliance of two. She cited John's act as the "Mystery Castmate" as a perfect reason for her to strike now, while all of the suspicion had been completely diverted from her. Mary admitted that she had been considering an alliance since the earliest days of the contest, but was more uncertain now than before. She added that now she was the last remaining member of the Psycho Producers, and with her closest and most loyal friend and ally Jennifer gone, she was in need of a new alliance and someone to watch her back. Out of desperation, she agreed. At the end of a long, chaotic, and action-packed battle, the girls' team managed to emerge victorious. Mary received the second Gilded Chris that night, and John and Mark were in the bottom two. When Mark received the final Gilded Chris, it genuinely shocked everyone except for Madison. Before John left, Madison gave Mary a very evil grin that instantly made Mary realize what had happened. She immediately jumped up and told John that he wasn't supposed to go home, and accused Madison of rigging the votes. Madison admitted to this, not in the least bit ashamed or afraid to do so. After Madison's shockingly sexist rant against guys, Mary boldly offered to take John's place in the Limo of Losers. John himself objected, saying that he deserved to pay for what he had done as the Mystery Castmate. Mary admitted that this was true, but he didn't deserve to pay like this. She then credited John's "alter ego" for being the only reason that she was still there, as she would've easily been voted off on one of the first few days. She then said that she owed John greatly. She slowly brushed his bangs away, finally revealing his bright blue eyes for the first time in the show's history, and shared a long, passionate kiss with him before departing.

TDA Aftermath III: The Finale is Upon Us

Mary was the second guest called up for the final Aftermath, following Daniel's segment. Right off the bat, Mary admitted that she was fine with the way she was eliminated and wouldn't have it any other way. Furthermore, when she refused to call John's actions as the Mystery Castmate low in any way, Isaiah was thoroughly annoyed with her. Infuriated, he started asking her rapid-fire "yes or no" questions, desperate to see her fall into the piranha pit. After four questions and no trapdoor, Isaiah gave up on trying to drop Mary. When she answered a question from a fan, she said that she felt if one other person was deserving of being the final two alongside John, besides Violet, she said it should be Rachael. However, this ignited a fight between Jennifer and Rachael once more that abruptly ended her segment. Later, when Madison started insulting John, Mary was noticeably upset, and her reaction was cut short by Isaiah switching to more of "That's Gonna Leave A Mark."

Total Drama World Tour: Second Season

Episode 1

Mary was the fifth contestant to step off the bus, greeting John first and then the others. In her first confessional after finding out about the new season, she was fairly confident about her own chances but was noticeably worried about John, who was angry at being tricked into a new season. She hoped that his bitterness towards the circumstances of their return wouldn't revert him back to the "dull Goth boy" that he once was. As the Jet was taking off, Mary asked John if he would have rather been one of the seven who didn't return, to which he said "Maybe." When John returned the question, Mary insisted that she would've easily preferred being back rather than being excluded. She told John to just think about his situation, then left. When the challenge began, Mary took control of the submarine. Even though she managed to maintain control of the sub when the shark attacked them, they never successfully retrieved their chest. However, Team Two accidentally recovered the chest belonging to Team Three; thus, Team Three was given second place in the challenge. At the first Barf Bag Ceremony, Mary received the third Barf Bag.

Episode 2

Mary was the third person to go for Team Sahara in the tightrope-walking challenge. She seemed on track to be the first member of the team to complete the challenge, reaching the halfway point in under 30 seconds. However, Carl's helicopter arrived at that moment, carrying Madison, Isaiah, and Anna, and the wind from the propellers caused her to fall. Despite this, Team Sahara went on to win the first challenge, and she participated in the second half. In the base-jumping challenge, Mary took off during the musical reprise, Try Hard, and landed 42 feet from the bull's eye. However, due to her team winning the first challenge and claiming the advantage, 30 feet was taken off her overall length, reducing it down to 12 feet. She held the highest score until James wound up with a surprise victory for Team Victory II, thus placing Team Sahara in second.

Episode 3

Team Sahara was off to a rough start due to Isaiah falling out of the boat after they took off, and Anna jumping in after him. Mary was quick to blame their falling behind the other two teams on both of them, resulting in an argument between her and Anna that lasted the entire trip. It was this argument that kept either of them from hearing John when he tried to ask for help in deciding which way he should go at the fork in the river. Thus, he went to the left. This choice resulted in the team being chased by what they thought was a shark, which only turned out to be a fake fin on a mechanical sled. Since they were the only team that went the wrong way, they lost the challenge and were sent to their first elimination. At the elimination ceremony, Mary received the third Barf Bag. Although Mary rallied for Anna's elimination, with her and Isaiah voting for Anna and placing her in the bottom two, it was John who was sent home by Anna, Louis, and Nicole, as he was the one who sent them in the wrong direction. This infuriated Mary, who was upset over losing her boyfriend as well as their team's strongest player, and sealed her rivalry with Isaiah and Anna.

Episode 4

Still bitter over the elimination of John and their team's first loss, Mary was quick to strategize and think of the best way to eliminate Anna and Isaiah. In order to do that, she had to turn to Louis and Nicole, shortly after Anna was eliminated from the challenge. She admitted to being "on the outs" with the team since John left, but was firm in arguing her point with logic and using the pair's past failures as examples. She said that she was willing to move on from John's elimination and not dwell on the past, although Louis pointed out that she was dwelling on the past by targeting the two for their past failures. She managed to turn this around in her favor by saying that, in this case, she wasn't dwelling on the past - she was learning from it. She ultimately managed to convince Louis and Nicole that, should they lose again, Anna should be the next to go. However, Team Sahara managed to claim second place once again thanks to Louis, so Anna was spared. Mary herself was eliminated simultaneously with Matthew and Nicole when Samantha's scream startled them, leaving only three people left.

Episode 5

For the most part, Mary did little to contribute in this challenge, sitting on the sidelines while Louis did most of the work by talking to Rick Harrison in the pawn shop. However, when Harrison gave his final offer of giving them the chest in exchange for one of their members splitting the two million with him should any of them win, Mary was the most reluctant and initially refused to go along with it. However, Louis and Anna convinced Mary to agree by saying that, if they lost the challenge due to her refusal slowing them down, it would put a huge target on her back in the elimination ceremony. This finally convinced her, and Louis managed to claim second place for Team Sahara once again.

Episode 6

Mary and Anna quickly resumed their rivalry when they started arguing over who should do the bungee-jump. Louis eventually intervened and told them that he would do it. During the first part of the challenge, Mary talked to Nicole - who was standing by herself - to reconfirm their agreement from the previous episode, still worried that Anna and Isaiah would cost them a challenge sooner or later. This time, Mary's plan was finally put into action when Team Sahara lost for the first time since the third challenge. Although Mary voted for Anna and Anna voted for Mary, a surprising turn-around resulted in Isaiah being eliminated when he actually requested that Louis and Nicole vote for him, along with himself, since he could no longer stand Anna. In a rare bottom three, Mary received the last Barf Bag alongside Anna. Although it didn't go exactly according to plan, Mary was ultimately satisfied with this turn of events.

Episode 7

Before the challenge began, Mary took one of the two slime-shooters given to Team Sahara, with Louis taking the other one. Louis then suggested that it would be best to keep Mary and Anna separated, so Mary teamed up with Nicole while Louis teamed up with Anna. Shortly after they all split up, Mary began venting to Nicole about her frustrations, particularly how Isaiah's strategy of voting himself out instead of Anna didn't make any sense, although she did gain some respect for him since he claimed he also did it because he was hurting the team. As she continued talking, a tentacle reached down from the ceiling and abducted Nicole from right behind Mary, who was too busy talking to notice and didn't turn around until much later. She eventually ran into Violet, who was being chased by the creature as it tore across the compound under the floor. However, she didn't run away with Violet, and instead ran in her own direction, which led her to a dead end. This briefly sidetracked the creature from chasing Violet as it closed in on Mary, pulling her under the floor and eliminating her. Despite Violet's medical evacuation at the end of the challenge, Team Sahara was forced to eliminate one of their own anyway, as Mary was the last one standing for Team Sahara, and Ethan, Jessica, and Matthew all outlasted her. Mary's plan was finally put into effect, and Anna was eliminated in a unanimous vote, while Anna herself voted for Mary. Despite being the only other person to receive a vote that night, Mary received the second Barf Bag and was not in the bottom two, as Chef decided that it wouldn't be much of a surprise if Mary and Anna were in the bottom two together. However, in a surprising show of compassion for her fierce rival, Mary objected alongside Louis and Nicole when Chef told Anna that she must parachute out into the barren Antarctic wilderness. However, Anna was kicked out of the Jet by Chef, forced to endure the cold wasteland anyway.

Episode 8

After the two gender-oriented teams took their sets of interns and weaponry and were given their bases, Mary was quick to take command of the girls' team. She ordered them all to split into three groups of two and one group of three, so as to cover as much of the castle grounds as possible and cover all possible points of entry. Along with Eryn, she arguably fought with the most passion and determination, valiantly driving back the boys' first waves of attack. Eventually, however, the boys managed to overrun the castle with an all-out blitzkrieg attack featuring all three of their vehicles attacking at once. Soon, Mary was the last one standing once again and put up a final fight on the very top of the Grant Tower, with her shotgun against Ethan in the helicopter. However, the helicopter retreated as Louis, who had secretly infiltrated the castle and took out several of their members, sneaked up right behind Mary and fired two paint pistols simultaneously against the back of her head, stunning her and sending her tumbling over the edge of the tower into the water. Mary, alongside Eryn, Jessica, Matthew, and Rachael, voted for Samantha and thus eliminated her in a landslide vote. Mary herself received the third Barf Bag, having received one vote from Ethan.

Episode 9

Mary eventually located one of the two advantages in the challenge when she found the golf cart and trailed parked under an awning. However, before she could head out in it, a red dot appeared on her radar screen and began closing in. Thinking fast, she switched off her tracker and hid underneath the golf cart. Eventually, Eryn arrived and climbed into the golf cart, ready to head out on her own. However, Mary emerged from her hiding place and shot her in the back of the head with her paintball gun, knocking her out. She then took the three guns that Eryn had on her, as well as the dozens of clips, and left her unconscious body under the awning while she drove out to look for the case. She eventually burst right into the middle of the intense stand-off between Ethan, Louis, and Nicole, turning a conflict between two groups into a three-way stand-off. After a long and brutal paintball fight, Ethan and Jessica took off in the Cadillac while Louis and Nicole followed in hot pursuit in Mary's golf cart, leaving her behind at the house and eliminating any chance of her winning the challenge. At the elimination ceremony that night, Mary received the third Barf Bag for the fourth time in the season.

Episode 10: YK2

Throughout the entire challenge, it was a tight race for first place between Ethan, Eryn, and Mary, with Mary and Ethan often bantering back and forth as the latter made crude jokes about their circumstances (as the contestants had to strip down to their underwear for the challenge). Eventually, Mary and Ethan had one final confrontation on the narrow ice bridge over the snowy pit, as Ethan had slipped and was hanging onto the edge. Mary came along shortly afterward, and Ethan begged for her to help him. When she asked why she should, he told her that it wasn't in her nature to leave someone in such a dangerous situation. Mary ultimately took pity on him and pulled him up, only for Ethan to surprise her by pushing her off the edge into the snow, eliminating her from the challenge. Although Mary was furious about what Ethan did to her, she ultimately decided that she couldn't vote for him that night. As she tried to remain in the loop on the plan of who to eliminate, she eavesdropped on a "conversation" that Jessica and Ethan were having in which Louis's name was mentioned several times. Unbeknownst to Mary, this was a fake conversation, as suggested by Jessica, that was done deliberately to throw her off, since the real plan was to eliminate her. Jessica also enlisted the help of Eryn, whom she had bonded with during the challenge, in spreading the word to eliminate Mary. Eryn even went so far as to fabricate a lie about Mary secretly planning revenge on Louis and Nicole for voting out John, thus convincing them both to vote for Mary, and sealing the deal to get everyone else to vote for Mary that night. Thus, casting the one and only vote for Louis, Mary was blindsided when everyone else voted for her, and Chef tossed her out of the Jet when she tried to question what had happened to her alliance with Louis and Nicole.


  • Mary is primarily based off of Courtney for her desire to perfect everything she does.
  • Mary is the only contestant in the series to finish in a single-digit place three times, as she came in 9th in TDI, 5th in TDA, and 7th in TDWT.
    • In addition, she is one of only two contestants to make it to the top 10 three times, the other being Rachael.
    • They are both also the only two contestants to make it to the merge three times.
      • Along with Jessica, Mary and Rachael are two of the only 3 female contestants to be the highest-ranking member of their team overall.
  • Mary is one of only 7 contestants to compete in all three seasons, the others being John, Mark, Violet, Rachael, Madison, and Isaiah.
    • She is one of only three 3-season participants to have never been the first person eliminated from a team, the others being Violet and Rachael.
    • Mary is one of only two 3-season participants to be on the Psycho Producers, the other being Isaiah.
  • Mary is one of only 2 contestants to be on both "Psycho" teams, the other being Tim.
  • Mary is one of only 2 contestants to be in three seasons, yet never be on one of the "superior" teams of the season, the other being Madison.
  • Along with Jessica, Rachael, and Violet, Mary is one of only 4 contestants to be the highest-ranking female on her team.
    • Also, Mary is one of only 2 contestants to be the highest-ranking female on her team twice (the other being Violet).
      • In TDI, she was the highest-ranking female on the Psycho Squirrels, and fell behind Tim, Jeremy, Mark, and Peter.
      • In TDA, she was the highest-ranking member of her team overall.
  • Mary is the second contestant to be eliminated irregularly, without being formally voted off or automatically eliminated by a challenge (the first being Peter). In TDA, she sacrificed herself in John's place when she found out that the votes had been rigged against John by Madison.
    • Thus, she is the first contestant to volunteer for elimination instead of someone else.

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