Marvel Quaid is a character competiting in Endurance: Fiji. He is labeled The Limelight Lover. Marvel has yet to be eliminated.

Marvel Quaid
Gender Male
Eliminated  ?
Place  ?
Teammate Carmen
Relationship  ?
Friends  ?
Enemies  ?
Hometown Hartford, Connecticut


Marvel's father is a professional photographer. The thing Marvel probably remembers the most as a child was the constant camera flash. His father was always taking pictures or video recording things. Most of Marvel's life is documented somewhere. This made Marvel love the camera. At age nine, Marvel saved up money to buy his own camera. At age thirteen, Marvel bought an even better, upgraded camera. He loved photography, especially taking pictures of himself. When Marvel entered high school, his girlfriend pressured him into joining the school musical. Marvel had such an amazing voice, that he got one of the lead roles. Marvel loved the attention he got being on the stage. He loved hearing everyone applaud for him during the curtain call. Marvel then decided that he wanted to do anything to become famous, and get his name and face out there. Marvel has starred in three commercials (Target, Beneful Dog Food, and Sketchers Shoes). Marvel also daily changes his profile image to keep a fresh face in everyone's head. Marvel joined Endurance for the screen time, hoping someone will discover him through the show.

Chapter Guide


  • Marvel was created by Goldenshane for winning the Endurance Winner Guessing Contest. Marvel was originally a goth named Casey. Then Shane changed it to being a character based off of someone from the Hunger Games.
  • Marvel was drawn by BrunoSomebody. His image is based off of Jack Quaid.
  • Marvel is based off of a character from The Hunger Games. Marvel was from Distrcit 1. In the movie, Marvel was played by Jack Quaid, hense his last name. Marvel's name also is a play on how people can marvel at other's who are in the spotlight. 
  • Marvel's hometown is Hartford, Connecticut, the hometown of "The Hunger Games" author, Suzanne Collins.

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