Marshall (Total Drama Kingdom)
Killer Knights
Black Aces
Gender Male
Hair color Red
Episode Eliminated "Million Dollar Kingdom""
Place 4/9
Relationship Ruby
Family Unknown
Friends Ruby, Kenny, Ed (possibly), Ella (possibly)
Enemies Terrence, Jessie, Kelly
Fear Public Humiliation
Talent Surfing
Counterpart Ed

Marshall, labeled the Psycho Surfer of the Killer Knights, is a contestant on Total Drama Kingdom.


Marshall was born insane. When he was a baby, he loves seeing fire and destruction. He loved inflicting pain, and talked really fast (although it was mostly gibberish). He was smart, too - he knew he would be excused when he acted wildly because he was an infant. His insanity increased even more when he went to school, as there were more people to attack and more things to destroy. He drew pictures of tornadoes and fire destroying houses in his free time, especially in first grade and second grade. He loved getting presents, because he was able to attack the paper. When he became older, he fell in love with surfing because he liked the thrill...of wiping out.

Marshall joined Total Drama Kingdom because he heard about the various stereotypes about medieval times, such as sword fights.


Marshall is at the beach. "Hi, I'm Marshall. I'd LOVE to be on your show. Watch my awesome moves!" Marshall grabs a surfboard and hits people with it. "Haha, not those moves. THESE MOVES!" He then starts surfing and on his way back to the shore, he accidentally hits someone. He looks down, waits, then smiles, looks at the camera, gives a thumbs up, and says, "Cool, I hit someone!"


  • Marshall is an edit of Cody.
  • Marshall was originally intended to win.
  • Marshall supported Ruby in the finale.


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