Mark (SS)
Psycho Squirrels
Flaming Directors
Team Victory II
Gender Male
Hair color Dirty blonde
Episode Eliminated "TDI: TDI Quiz Show
TDA: The Not-So-Stealthy Ninjas
TDWT: Yellow Submarines"
Place TDI: 5th
TDA: 3rd
TDWT: 18th
Relationship Rachael
Family Uncle
Friends Matthew, Violet, Jeremy, John
Enemies Peter, Daniel, Madison, Jennifer
Fear Submarines
Talent Piano-playing

Mark, stereotyped as The Optimist, is a character in the Second Season series by Fedora Kid. He was a camper in Total Drama Island: Second Season and was placed on the Psycho Squirrels team. He returned as a castmate for Total Drama Action: Second Season and was selected to be on the Flaming Directors team. He returned for Total Drama World Tour: Second Season, joined Team Victory II, and was the first voted off. He is 16, has dirty blonde hair, brown eyes, and, as his title states, is often very optimistic about things and can also have an enthusiastic party-guy attitude.

Total Drama Island: Second Season

The Campers

Mark was the 9th camper to step off the boat and was soon placed on the Psycho Squirrels team. Later, when James ended up falling through the floor of the cabin, Mark ran to help pull him out, alongside Tim, Suzie, and Jessica.

The 1,000-foot Climb

Mark participated in the second round of the challenge, where he faced off against Matthew for the Bears. In the end, both of them made it to the top. This was one of only three rounds of the challenge that day where both competitors reached the top (the others being the third round, with Daniel against Josh, and the sixth round, with Violet against Tim). This brought the score to two to one, in favor of the Squirrels, who went on to eventually win the challenge.

Don't Touch the Food

Mark was eliminated simultaneously alongside Madison after five other campers gave up. After Madison, along with Tim and Daniel, fell asleep, she started to sleepwalk right towards the table of food. Mark tried to stop her, but she crashed into him just as she woke up, sending both of them crashing into the table and eliminating both of them. At the Bonfire that night following the Squirrels' loss, Mark was the third person to receive a marshmallow (after Peter and Joshua).

Dodgebrawl 2

Mark participated in the first round, which the Squirrels lost. In the second round, he and Madison were switched with Tim and Jessica. Mark didn't participate in the game again after that, and the Squirrels eventually lost once more. At the Bonfire, he received the 2nd marshmallow, once again after Joshua.

The Show Mustn't Go On

Mark chose to do the casting, the production design, and the directing of the skit, thus taking on more behind-the-scenes responsibilities than any other member of the Squirrels. Despite much of the skit's execution being Mark's doing, he was not targeted for elimination despite the Squirrels' horrible loss that night. For the second time in a row, Mark received the second marshmallow, and for the third time in a row, received the marshmallow after Joshua.

The Island of The Dead

Mark was one of the few characters who did not appear at all in the episode up until the very end, where he and 11 others came back for one final chance at the last three campers. Eventually, when Daniel found himself the last one left, he was firing both his guns wildly at the rest of the zombies until he ran out of ammo for one. He blindly threw the useless gun into the crowd and hit Mark in the chest. While Mark clutched his chest in pain, Daniel shot him with the other gun right in the bull's eye, eliminating him. However, Daniel was eventually eliminated by John and the challenge was won by the Squirrels.

Not Quite Famous 2

Mark served as one of the three judges for the Squirrels' auditions, alongside Jeremy and Mary. Afterwards, Mark offered his piano skills, only for Chris to tell him that Matthew on the other team had claimed that talent first, and that two members of opposite teams could not share the same talent, thus leaving Mark with nothing to offer. When Peter was confronted by the rest of the cast for causing Ruth to trip, he attempted to turn to Jeremy and Mark for help, but Mark simply told him that what he did was "messed up." The Squirrels eventually won the challenge.

The UCC (Ultimate Crash Course)

Mark was selected to do the first part of the marathon - the run - for the Squirrels. He was pitted against Jennifer for the Bears, and although she was much faster and more athletic than him (due to being a cheerleader and gymnast), she eventually tripped in a ditch and dropped her comb. While she searched for it frantically, Mark got his break and ran past her. However, after finding her comb and resuming the race, she eventually caught up to him and they were nearly tied when they reached the Boathouse for the second leg of the race. Eventually, the Squirrels lost the challenge, and Mark received the 6th and second-to-last marshmallow. Coincidentally, while he used to receive a marshmallow right after Joshua (who was often the first), this time, he received the marshmallow right before Joshua, who received the last marshmallow that night.

The Sucky Outdoors 2

When the teams began their trek into the woods, Mark took the lead for the Squirrels and held the map and compass. After arriving at their campsite, Mark and Jeremy worked together to pitch the tent. Mark asked who the best fisher on the team was, and John volunteered. After returning an hour later with six fish, Mark was noticeably impressed. Eventually, after John fought off the Sasquatchinakwa and the team finished their fish, they made it back to the campgrounds first, thus winning the challenge.

Wawanakwa Scavenger Hunt

When the teams were split up into smaller groups, Mark was paired up with Joshua. The first item they went after was a red and white life preserver hidden in the bear cave, worth 500 points. While Joshua distracted the bear and let it chase him off, Mark retrieved the life preserver, which read "S.S. LOSER." They immediately went after their next item: A soda bottle hidden somewhere on the side of the 1,000-foot cliff, worth 400 points. As Mark had already retrieved the first item, Josh chose to go after this one. He climbed up the cliff about halfway and found the bottle on a lip of rock. While looking closely at something inside the bottle, Josh fell off the cliff, but landed safely in the water with the bottle in hand. When he and Mark met up on the beach, Josh pulled out the piece of paper, which was the coveted Invincibility Pass. Thus, both of them were instantly secure if their team lost. Josh asked Mark if they should stop, since they had already gotten enough items and were safe now, but Mark felt that it would be best to continue. Chris, watching from the monitors, commented that they were some loyal teammates. By the end of the challenge, Josh and Mark were the most successful team, retrieving two items, worth 900 points total, and the Invincibility Pass. However, moments before Chris could declare the winner, Daniel, Rachael, and Jennifer ran up with Chef's chef hat, worth 1,000 points, thus winning the task for the Bears by a mere 100 points. At the Bonfire, Mark received the first marshmallow, followed shortly after by Josh.

Phobia Factor 2

When the group discussed their worst fears, Mark explained how his worst fear is submarines, as he worried about getting "the bends." The next morning, at breakfast, when Madison openly declared that it was the worst meal they had had yet, Chef threw a cleaver at her. Mark quickly dove for her and knocked her to the floor just as the cleaver flew overhead and hit the wall behind her. Then, after Chris came in and put seven campers through their fears, he called up Mark. Mark had to survive a ride in a submarine piloted by Chef Hatchet. Although Mark was dizzy, loopy, and sick from the ride, Chris announced that he had scored a point, thus tying the score at three to three. However, the Squirrels eventually lost the challenge, and at the Bonfire, Mark received the third marshmallow.

Return to Boney Island

After Daniel was taken away and the rest of the group ran to the old Boathouse, Mark was knocked unconscious by a zombie that suddenly appeared. The others quickly gunned down the zombie but left both Mark and the zombie behind in their flight, thus making Mark the first member of the Psycho Squirrels eliminated in the challenge. However, he was spared when Josh won the challenge for the Squirrels much later in the night.

No Pain, No Game 2

Mark survived the first round of the challenge, and in the second round, he was the first called up. He had to participate in the Crab Costume, where he was stuffed in a barrel of live crabs and had to remain there for ten seconds. He barely passed, and after Chef roughly removed the crabs with a pair of pliers, Mark was allowed to choose one person to compete in the next task. He quickly chose Peter to do the same challenge, and Peter passed it even more easily, thus eliminating Mark. At the Bonfire, Mark received the fourth marshmallow.

Total Treasure Island

After the cast spread out to search for the chest, Mark was thinking about Chris's clue when he was suddenly grabbed and pulled into the nearby bushes by an unseen hand. He saw that it was actually a group of people, consisting of Matthew, Violet, Rachael, and Jeremy. They were all determined to form an alliance to help each other out and work towards eliminating Peter. Matthew informed him that everyone else had been asked and turned down the offer, with Rachael adding that Peter, obviously, had not been asked. Mark was the last one they approached, and after giving it some thought, he agreed to join their alliance. The five of them then ran to the Boathouse and found the chest first, only for Peter to appear and steal it. They eventually got it back after Isaiah dropped it, and soon encountered Tim, Mary, Luke, and Jennifer. The five of them tossed it back and forth between each other for a while to keep it from the other four before Mark eventually got it and ran off with it. However, he ran right up to the top of the 1,000-foot cliff, and was cornered by Jennifer. They fumbled over it briefly before it flew from their hands and off the edge of the cliff, into the lake below. Jeremy jumped down after it and eventually retrieved it, only for John to steal it and run off. Once again, however, intervention from Isaiah allowed the chest to return to the alliance, and Matthew ran off towards camp with it. Peter eventually managed to catch him at the last moment and take the chest from him, running across the finish line and winning Invincibility. After Peter punched Matthew, both Mark and Violet helped Matthew to his feet. Mark received the eighth marshmallow at the Bonfire that night.

Hide and Be Sneaky 2

Mark was the third camper to be found in the challenge, after Luke and Jeremy. He was hiding in a thick tree just above where Chef was walking. When a single leaf fell from the tree and Chef picked it up, he knew that someone was above him. He aimed the gun straight up and fired, and Mark barely avoided the blast and jumped down. As he ran, he jumped roughly past a bush that Violet was behind. Unaware that he was being chased, she accidentally revealed her hiding spot and had to run as well. As they ran into the campgrounds towards the Dock, they passed by Matthew's hiding place (under the porch of the Main Lodge), and he decided to save his alliance-mates. After Chef ran by, Matthew picked up a handful of mud from a nearby mud puddle and threw it at Chef. It hit Chef in the back of the head and distracted him long enough for Mark and Violet to tag the lifeguard chair, winning Invincibility for both of them, at the cost of Matthew being caught himself. Thus, at the Bonfire, Mark was the third to receive a marshmallow, after Peter and Violet, and followed by Tim (the last Invincible camper).


Mark was the sixth camper to run the course, after Rachael, Matthew, Isaiah, Peter, and Jennifer. Mark managed to make it as far as the second "Airhead" before he bounced off the side and fell into the mud. However, although he didn't complete the course like Peter and Jennifer did, he made it the farthest out of all those who failed, thus securing him as the third and final Invincibility winner. Thus, he received the third marshmallow at the Bonfire that night, and the first of his alliance-mates - Rachael - was sent home. The group shared a group hug before she left.

Search and Do Not Destroy 2

Strangely enough, the place where Mark's key was hidden, how he got it, and what he received from his chest, was never seen at all in the episode. At the Bonfire, he received the fourth marshmallow.

Child's Play

Mark was the fourth camper called up by Chris to spin the wheel, after Jeremy, Jennifer, and Matthew. His challenge was "Extreme Monkey Bars," in which he had to climb across a 30-foot long set of monkey bars over a pit of sharp objects, such as glass, nails, etc. He managed to pass the challenge and win Invincibility once again. He received the third marshmallow alongside three other Invincible campers (Peter, Matthew, and Jennifer).

Wawanakwa Gone Wild! 2

When the campers selected their animals, Mark ended up with a parrot. While the campers searched the old Boathouse for something to use to catch their animal, Mark found a fishing net and decided that it would be enough. Later, after Violet and Matthew successfully caught their animals, they helped Mark to find a parrot, which Violet eventually spotted on a tree branch. Matthew quickly ran to the Main Lodge and back, returning with a cracker from the kitchen. He used it to lure the parrot in close, and just as it started eating the offered cracker, Mark caught it in his net. Mark took his parrot to the cage while Matthew and Violet went off to find and help Jeremy. Mark received the second-to-last marshmallow before the bottom two, which was Jeremy and Isaiah.


After Jeremy collapsed to the floor at breakfast, Mark, Matthew, and Violet ran to help him up, trying to comfort him through his babbling of things coming to get him in the Boathouse. In the challenge, Mark was placed on Team Two alongside Jeremy and Violet. When storm clouds began brewing in the distance two hours into the challenge, Mark attempted to start the engine and head back to Camp Wawanakwa, only for Chris to cut the engine from the control tent. Soon after, they blacked out and were beached on an unknown island. After waking up, Mark tried to walk out of the cabin, only to step out the door and fall into the sand below, as the stern of the boat had been ripped off. They soon decided to head further inland, through the woods. Mark led the way while Violet dragged Jeremy. They eventually encountered a cave, but were chased out when something loud roared at them from further inside. As they ran, Mark was the only one to look back at the cave, and thus was the only one to see the pair of green eyes watching them leave. Eventually, they encountered a massive pink snake coming at them. Mark was the first to climb up a tall tree, and Violet helped lift Jeremy up so that Mark could pull him up. Mark then quickly pulled Violet up just before the snake could get her. At this point, Violet was thoroughly annoyed with Jeremy and made it clear how angry she was, as Jeremy was going to get them all killed if he didn't become more alert soon. Mark tried to vouch for Jeremy, but Violet still said that sleeping in the Boathouse for a week was no excuse for being so lazy and out-of-it that he almost got them killed. Eventually, a loud roar sounded that finally sent the snake away and allowed them to come down out of the tree. They decided to head for the beach, and they ended up emerging out of the woods right in front of the wreckage of Team One's boat. After the six teens were all reunited, Chris and Chef (the latter of whom was pretending to be the monster they saw earlier) appeared and informed them that it was all just a challenge, which Team One had won. Thus, the three members of Team Two were the only candidates for elimination that night. The bottom two came down to Mark and Jeremy, which noticeably scared Mark more than he had been in quite some time. Eventually, he received the final marshmallow, and Jeremy was sent home.

TDI Quiz Show

Although Mark got off to a fairly good start, he fell behind rapidly as the challenge progressed, becoming more of a battle between Matthew and Peter. In the end, Mark placed dead last with only nine points. At the Bonfire that night, it came down to Mark and Jennifer, who was in fourth place with fourteen points. In the end, Jennifer received the final marshmallow and Mark was eliminated. However, Mark wasn't too upset with leaving, which noticeably upset Chris (who was expecting pouting and sadness). This gave Mark even more satisfaction as he left.

I Triple Dog Dare You! 2

Mark's dare was to have an arm-wrestling match with Chef. Matthew, who had spun the wheel, dared Peter to do it. Surprisingly enough, Peter backed out and used a freebie.

Season Finale

Mark, along with all the other campers except for John, supported Matthew to win. In the end, Mark, Jeremy, Daniel, and Tim threw Chris into a mud puddle to exact their revenge on him.

Total Drama Drama Drama Drama Island

After the challenge began, Mark teamed up with all his former alliance-mates (except for Matthew, who declined to participate in the challenge), Violet, Jeremy, and Rachael. They were the first group to find the case after Chris gave them the first clue two hours into the challenge. When they arrived at the bear cave and found the bear itself sleeping in the cave, Mark was the one who volunteered to retrieve the case from behind it. He raised it up and threw it to Violet before Mark jumped over the bear and bolted, escaping into the woods just as the bear woke up. Shortly afterwards, when Mark took the case back from Violet, they were confronted by Daniel, Jennifer, Madison, and Samantha. They at first pretended to give up and left, but Jennifer stuck her foot out from a bush and tripped Mark as they continued on, causing him to drop the case. Daniel snatched it and the four of them ran off. Eventually, they encountered John after he had stolen the case from Daniel and Jennifer, and Mark was the first to notice him. They hid and decided to came up with a plan to trap him. Mark found a long vine from a nearby tree that they could use while Jeremy tied a knot in one end. Their plan worked, and they snagged John by his ankle and took the case from him. However, Rachael ended up tripping and dropping it in the river, where it fell off a waterfall. They searched frantically at the bottom of the waterfall but found nothing. Eventually, they decided to make it back to camp and wait for the case to remerge there. They watched as Daniel fired his spear gun at the helicopter with Mary, John, and the case inside. The case fell out, but bounced off James's head and towards the main lodge. The entire group of four, plus Daniel and Jennifer, all raced after it and entered the lodge just before the explosion, thus allowing all four of them to advance to the next season.

Total Drama Action: Second Season

The Castmates

When Mark arrived at the Film Lot with the others, he admitted that he didn't care if he won or lost, and that the only good things about the show were the excitement, the experience, and making new friends. When the boys were unpacking in the trailer, Daniel shot down Mark's optimism again and again, causing Jeremy and Mark to take sides against him and make fun of him behind his back, with Jeremy reminding Mark that if Daniel kept that attitude up, the viewers would vote him off on the first day.

The REALLY Wild West

Mark was the second person selected by Violet to be on her team, which was named the Flaming Directors. However, he did not participate in any of the three parts of the challenge that day. Nevertheless, their team went on to win the challenge.

Medieval Capture the Flag

When the Directors were given the castle territory and began assigning roles, Mark was placed on the first field team alongside Jeremy and Daniel. They were the first members of the Directors to enter the forest and eventually discover the Producers' headquarters; the tent. However, Jennifer appeared and tagged out Jeremy, sending Mark and Daniel on the run. Just as Jennifer closed in on Daniel, who lagged behind Mark, Daniel grabbed Mark by the back of his shirt and threw him back, both to give himself momentum and to slow down Jennifer. Although this plan succeeded in saving Daniel, he and Violet ended up in the same jail alongside Mark and Jeremy later in the challenge. Mark and all of the other Directors disapproved of this action once he told them about it. Not surprisingly, their team went on to lose the challenge, and at the Directors' first elimination ceremony, Mark received the 4th Gilded Chris Award.

Cops 'n Robbers

When the setting for the challenge was revealed as clearly being a parody of New York City, Mark asked why it was based off of New York if they were in Canada. Chris replied by saying that, unlike America, Canada didn't really have any large or famous cities. When the Directors, deemed the Robbers for the challenge, split into smaller teams, Mark was paired up with Rachael, which he agreed with. The pair was assigned as the "Recon Team," doing the spying and scoping out the rival team's activities. They used their vantage point from the taller building across the street to keep an eye on their field team, Daniel and John, and their enemies, with Mark watching Daniel and John while Rachael watched the Producers. Later, when the team was divided by the inability to come up with a method of breaking into the vault, Mark kept insisting on using the stethoscope to listen for the vault's tumblers, as this was the quietest, subtlest, and most reliable method to break in. Later, after returning from barely escaping Ruth, Daniel found that Mark had mysteriously vanished from his post on their building's roof. A few moments later, Mark suddenly emerged from behind a generator, saying that he had been watching "suspicious activity" on the third floor. Later, when the team's plan changed due to the destruction of the drill and loss of the stethoscope, Mark and Rachael were assigned with being a decoy team that would distract Jennifer and Tim, so that Daniel and John could get to the vault. They managed to do so, but due to Daniel and John's explosives destroying the entire bank by accident, including the money that they were supposed to steal, the Directors ended up losing once again. At the elimination ceremony that night, Mark found himself in the bottom two alongside Josh. However, he received the final Gilded Chris and was declared safe. After the elimination, Mark found himself confronted by Daniel, who accused him of being the Mystery Castmate and being responsible for switching the lesser pipe bombs with the real explosives. Mark denied this, but Daniel cited his brief time being away from his post as being a good reason supporting this. After Daniel left, Violet comforted Mark and reassured him that it was solely because Daniel was mad and didn't like him. Meanwhile, the real Castmate was noticeably upset with the accusation being pinned on Mark, but was ultimately satisfied that they all still had no idea who it really was.

SWAT Vs. Predator

Once the challenge was announced, Mark was very excited, stating that he loved laser tag and used to play it back at home all the time with his friends. Shortly after Rachael was eliminated, Mark was spotted by Ruth, who quickly gave chase. He weaved in and out of most of the objects to avoid her laser blasts, but was eventually saved when Violet appeared and shot Ruth out. While they were alone, Mark asked if Violet could give him some advice on girls, since he found himself developing a crush on none other than Rachael. Violet agreed to help him, as both were close friends of hers. They eventually encountered Jennifer and Mary, who were being attacked by a swarm of bats. Violet eliminated Jennifer before Mary used the bats as cover to eliminate Violet, and Mark chased after Mary. However, when a single bat flapped in his face, he lost concentration and ended up tripping on a rock, dropping his gun and sliding across the floor. Just as he skidded to a stop, the Mystery Castmate appeared and eliminated him, vanishing into the dark before he could get a good look at them. Nevertheless, their team went on to win the challenge thanks to John, and Mark was spared.

"Super" Heroes?

After the challenge began, Mark was the first Villain to reach a Target; a jewelry store. After pressing the button, he admitted that it was easier than he thought, but he was not going to let his guard down after the Mystery Castmate eliminated him so easily last time. Mark finished up with another Target - this one inside a grocery store (which Mark openly questioned) - before he encountered Tim. Tim managed to blast him with his laughing-gas gun twice before Mark stumbled right into Luke, who fired the third and final shot that eliminated him. Once again, however, the Directors won the challenge thanks to John.


When Chris declared that the challenge would be a concert, Mark wanted to do songs by AC/DC. However, when Chris declared that they'd all be songs by Elvis Presley, he and Violet were both excited about it. Mark also revealed that he can play the drums. All throughout the rehearsal, he tried to make several subtle advances on Rachael, including asking her about her history with musical instruments such as the guitar she'd be playing that night. Although Mark felt awkward throughout the whole conversation, Rachael didn't seem to mind. When the new cast met the original 22 contestants from the first three seasons, Mark joined in with Owen, Cody, and Jeremy in a conversation about video games. Later, just before the concert started, Mark comforted Rachael when she revealed that she got stage fright often. He reminded her that these people were die-hard fans, and already loved her. Thus, she didn't need to worry about pleasing them, since they already liked her. This seemed to encourage her and eliminate her stage fright, and just before they started, she was no longer afraid to perform. After John's accident with the hot water, Mark and Rachael now had to sing the third and final song, along with Violet. On several occasions, Rachael and Mark sang a duet together in addition to singing solos. Their team easily won the challenge, and after the elimination ceremony, Mark and Rachael complimented each other on their respective performances that night, and Rachael especially thanked Mark for curing her stage fright. They then shared their first kiss and became the second couple in the series.

The House of the Deceased

Rachael and Mark are officially a couple, and are now always hanging out, holding hands, and kissing. After the challenge began, it took Mark two and a half hours to finally find the Grand Corridor. Just as he reached the massive door that led into the Entrance Hall, the Mystery Castmate appeared and, in a hoarse, unrecognizable voice, told him that he didn't want to go there. It convinced him that it was a booby-trap, with the giant door made to look fancy and important on purpose so that they'd be lured into it. The voice told him to go through a much smaller door on the right. Although very hesitant and skeptical about listening to someone he didn't even know, Mark admitted that the trick was something Chris would do, and he went through the small door, only to fall straight down a pitfall of several stories, taking him further away from the exit. Eventually, Mark ran into John and told him about his experience, including his encounter with the Mystery Castmate. Eventually, John decided to ask Mark for advice, seeing as to how he so effortlessly hooked up with Rachael last week. He confided in Mark the same way he confided in Mary in the previous season's special, and Mark told him that he could do good things for her, encourage her, and help her win challenges, only to quickly take back that last point. They then took an elevator up six stories that led to a kitchen, where a chainsaw-wielding zombie attacked them. They ran into a corridor full of doors lining both sides, and found that if they entered one door, they'd emerge from another door, sometimes even on the other side of the hall. They found themselves being chased through the doors in this fashion by the first zombie and three more, eventually abandoning the doors and running straight down the corridor. At the end of the corridor, they entered another chamber with the massive door that Mark recognized from earlier. They both entered the Entrance Hall and burst through the massive double doors, exiting the house at long last and finishing second and third. However, Mark still suffered greatly when his new girlfriend Rachael ended up being the last one out of the house, and was automatically eliminated, courtesy of Jennifer throwing her back while they raced towards the exit. It was then revealed that Jennifer had a crush on Mark and was jealous of him and Rachael being together. Mark wasn't very fazed by the revelation, but was still upset by Rachael's elimination, and was presumably very happy about Jennifer's elimination later that night. He and Rachael shared an emotional goodbye before she left. At the very end of the episode, Mark reiterated to John that helping his crush girl win challenges - especially if it meant throwing challenges for himself - was a no-no, which greatly distressed John.

Dinosaurs, Robots, and Taxes; Oh My!

At breakfast that morning, John was noticeably upset and sat away from everyone else. Mark took note of this and knew that his excuse of getting little sleep was not true, and that something was clearly bothering John. Mark was the third person called up and received the era of Pirate times, which he was very excited about. His item was a treasure chest, with the items being British soldiers, pirates, sharks, and sea monsters. Only after arriving on the ship did he remember that never had acquired "sea legs," and thus always got seasick whenever on an ocean-bound vessel. Soon enough, the pirate ship he was on ended up encountering a Royal Navy ship, and the two crews began to battle. In the heat of the conflict, Captain "Cornelius" ordered two of the pirates to get the treasure chest to safety using the ship's crane. Mark subdued one of the pirates - the one named Mitchell - by pinning his shirt sleeve to the mast with a dagger. The other one, Davis (whom he had woken up while below deck), attacked him with his cutlass. Mark managed to defeat him by knocking him into a pile of crates, only for the chest to be lifted into the air on the crane by the Captain himself, who had just defeated the British crew. However, the ship instantly fell under attack from "the Kraken," and tentacles started attacking the ship from all different angles. While the pirates and soldiers alike started abandoning ship, Mark decided to climb up the crane's rope to the chest high above the deck. He grabbed onto the chest's handles and hung suspended in mid-air, high above the deck, while one of the tentacles started wrapping around his legs and torso. At that moment, his seasickness finally got to him and he vomited all over the tentacle. The hot substance seeped through to the animatronic tentacle's circuits, causing it to malfunction and crash to the deck, smashing the crane's winch as well. The entire crane toppled over, sending him crashing to the deck while the chest beneath him absorbed most of the impact. He then jumped back down below decks and waded through the steadily rising and freezing cold water to the door leading back to the Film Lot, making it through just as the water was neck-high. He finished second behind Violet. Like everyone else, he was shocked when John revealed that he was the Mystery Castmate, and reluctantly admitted that John's past actions were pretty low. At the elimination ceremony that night, he received the first Gilded Chris.

War of the Sexes

After the challenge began and Chef was placed on John and Mark's team, he instantly struck a deal with the two boys: If they could do anything that they could to convince Chris to give Chef his old job back, he would help them win future challenges. After Chef took over the challenge and acted as their leader, Mark was given the codename "Soul Man." During the challenge, Mark revealed to John that his uncle was in the Marines, saying that he lived to defend his country. After Jay single-handedly eliminated 48 of their interns, Mark said that it could be worse, causing John to ask how it could possibly be worse. Mark didn't do much in the challenge until the very end, after both forts were completely destroyed. He found himself as one of the only people left standing on the entire battlefield, opposite Madison for the girls' team. He was left with the paintball grenade launcher used by John to destroy one of their flagpoles earlier, and with one grenade left. With all the strength he had left, he loaded it, aimed carefully, and fired. While the bullet barely scraped the pole and didn't knock it down, the recoil from the powerful gun sent him flying backwards until he slammed into one of the few still-standing portions of the fort wall, breaking his right scapula. When he reported to the infirmary, it was found to be broken in "three and a half places," and that, after it was put in a sling and he was given numerous pain meds, he was already walking again, even though the injury could take up to half a year to heal. He continued to be optimistic, saying that at least he didn't hit the wall headfirst. He attended the elimination ceremony, and received the final Gilded Chris Award over John. However, it was revealed that Madison rigged the votes against John, thus proving that Mark technically should've been eliminated. However, both boys were saved when Mary instead volunteered for elimination. Madison's sexist rant that night made her enemies with all of the males, including Mark.

Total Drama Comedy

Ever since his accident, Chef was the one assigned to take care of Mark, from massages to spoon-feeding him his food since he was right-handed. Chef confronted Mark about failing to keep his part of the deal that they made in the previous episode, but Mark reassured him that he'd get around to it. Mark admitted in the Confessional to losing track of the deal due to receiving so many accommodations over the past week due to his injury. While the two pairs were brainstorming for what they'd do in their respective skits, Mark easily managed to convince John to let him do a stand-up comedy routine instead of a skit. However, following the girls' poor performance, John decided to change it at the last moment to a skit making fun of Chef, knowing that it would easily win over the judge, Jay. John portrayed Chef, while Mark portrayed Chris, who "fired" Chef for causing him to fall for a trap meant for Jay, obviously parodying the events that were taking place that same day. Jay easily approved and declared them to be the winners, although this show easily burned their bridges with Chef and ended their deal and alliance. Mark received the first Gilded Chris that night, only for him and John to throw their Awards at Madison after she made another sexist comment following her elimination. Madison was particularly terrified of how angry Mark looked, even though he was never angry at anyone.

The Not-So-Stealthy Ninjas

At the beginning of the episode, Mark commented that it would be great to finally play the next challenge without Madison around. Although Mark initially seemed worried about doing a heavily physical with his broken scapula, he soon revealed that he wasn't the least bit afraid, saying that he'd give it his all even if he had a broken back. After racing into the cave, Mark was the first to encounter one of the bursts of fire, as he leaned out over the massive pit. It hit him right in the face and burned off his mask. Although it didn't cause any serious damage, it did burn off his eyebrows, greatly amusing Chris. In the second part of the challenge, even after John won, Chris still refused to stop the walls from closing in. John then jumped down to save Mark, who was still at the bottom, and guide him up to the top. Violet, waiting at the top, pulled Mark out at the last second while John was electrocuted. In the third and final part of the challenge, Mark found himself able to use the cast on his arm as a weapon, striking John with it to deliver a crucial blow. He eventually managed to put Violet in a chokehold, partially choking her with the cast. He then threw her off the edge into the pit of mattresses below, eliminating her. However, in his moment of triumph, he was unaware of John sneaking up behind him to knock him right off the pit as well, eliminating Mark and winning the challenge and Invincibility. At the elimination ceremony that night, John and Violet received Gilded Chris Awards, eliminating Mark. However, just like his elimination in the previous season, Mark was satisfied with his place in the contest, saying that he had an awesome experience, which further enraged Chris due to the lack of sadness.

TDA Aftermath III: The Finale is Upon Us

Mark was the fourth and final guest called out to the stage, and, despite his right arm still being in a sling, gave hi-fives to all of the commentators, special guests (except Madison), and Isaiah. He then asked Isaiah how it felt to host his own show and be in control of something, to which Isaiah said that he loved controlling interns (which prompted an intern in the upper rafters to drop a sandbag near him). Isaiah then asked Mark if he thought that he'd go home on the night of his accident. Mark replied that, against John, Mark would've definitely gone home. He then admitted that he was glad with his elimination because it allowed him to be with Rachael. When he noticed that Rachael was gone, Isaiah quickly diverged his attention by asking him what he thought about Chef's current predicament, which Mark himself (along with John) indirectly made worse. Mark said that, while it was sad that Chef had been chef since the show began, he had to "respect the boss." Isaiah then started asking Mark questions for "Truth or Trapdoor." He first asked Mark if he was depressed by his elimination, which Mark said he wasn't. Isaiah was shocked and disappointed by Mark's acceptance of his elimination, as well as the fact that the trapdoor wouldn't open. He was then asked by an at-home viewer named Eric what his shoulder breaking felt like. Mark described the experience as painful in the first few moments, then numb immediately afterward. Lastly, when asked by an e-mail if he thought Chef deserved his job back, Mark actually supported Jay over Chef.

Total Drama World Tour: Second Season

Episode 1

Mark was the second person to arrive in the bus, and he and Rachael were introduced together, holding hands. Mark tried to offer a casual fist bump to Chef, which he denied. He then offered one to Matthew, which Matthew returned. Despite most of the others being upset at being tricked into the third season, Mark was excited for the new season and declared that he was in it to win it. However, the moment the challenge was revealed to involve submarines, Mark instantly went into a panic and refused to do the challenge. Only when Chef hit him in the head with a frying pan was he able to be brought aboard the submarine by Rachael. Thus, he was unconscious for most of the challenge until halfway through the musical number. When he woke up and realized where he was, he started screaming and panicking, occasionally interrupting the song. He was thoroughly panicked by the giant octopus attacking them, and even after they managed to get away and back to the surface, he was still dazed and traumatized. Despite his team finishing first, it was revealed to be a free-for-all vote, where anyone could go home, in the very first elimination ceremony where the contestants themselves could vote. At the Barf Bag Ceremony, the bottom two came down to Mark and Madison. Much to everyone's shock and anger, Madison received the final Barf Bag, and Mark was declared eliminated. However, he was satisfied with the elimination, admitting that he put up a horrible performance and made it far enough twice already, saying that it was time for someone else (like Rachael) to make it far instead. When he took too long putting the parachute on, Chef kicked him out the door. As he fell down along the side of the Jet, he crashed into Eryn as she escaped from the cargo hold (after being locked in by Ethan). She clung onto Mark and, after revealing Ethan's evil nature, asked him to deploy his parachute. There was brief confusion over which strings to pull first, before Mark ended up pulling both of them simultaneously. Both strings had pulled completely off, and the parachute was a dud. As they fell, Eryn reminded Mark that at least they would land in water. It was revealed that, out of the 17 votes in total, Mark received 7 votes against Madison's 6 in an extremely close vote.


  • Mark is noticeably based off of both Geoff and Owen for being generally optimistic about most situations, for having a laid-back, friendly demeanor, and for having a partying attitude at times.
  • Mark is one of only 7 contestants to compete in all three seasons, the others being Rachael, Violet, John, Mary, Madison, and Isaiah.
    • Mark is the lowest-ranking of these 7 contestants in TDWT.
    • Mark and Isaiah are the only two three-season participants who were voted off a season first, as Mark was voted off TDWT first and Isaiah was voted off TDA first.
  • Mark is tied with Matthew for the highest amount of participation out of any male contestant in the series, as both competed in 33 episodes.
    • However, Mark's participation may be considered higher due to the fact that he competed in three seasons, while Matthew competed in only two.
  • Mark is one of only two contestants, the other being Violet, to make it to the final five more than once. He placed 5th in TDI and 3rd in TDA.
  • Mark is one of the few people to be featured in a double elimination, as he was voted off in the first episode of TDWT, moments before Eryn was ejected from the competition due to a trick by Ethan.
    • Coincidentally, his girlfriend Rachael was featured in the previous (and first) double elimination in the series, being eliminated by a challenge before Jennifer was voted off in the same episode in TDA.
  • Mark is one of only three contestants to appear in every episode of TDA, the others being Violet and John.
    • Mark is also one of only eight contestants to appear in every episode of a season, the others being Violet, John, Matthew, Louis, Rachael, Ethan, and Jessica.
  • Mark is the only contestant in the series to be voted off despite being on the winning team; although his team won the challenge in the first episode of Total Drama World Tour, they did not win Invincibility and the vote that night was a free-for-all.
  • Coincidentally, Mark was the eighteenth eliminated in TDI, and came in 18th place in TDWT.

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