Marissa, The Loner, was competing in Total Drama Pop Stars and was on Team Sopranos.

Marissa (TDPS)
Team Sopranos
Marissa (TDPS)
Gender Female
Hair color Mossy Brown
Episode Eliminated "Black, Blue And Red All Over...Again"
Place 14th
Relationship None
Family Older Brother and her Brother's Girlfriend
Friends William (possibly) and Ulrich
Enemies Tia, Chris, Victoria, Nick, Avalon and Richard
Fear Lonliness
Talent Being Alone


Marissa was once a very friendly girl growing up but all that changed on day at Summer camp. She was minding her own business when another girl made fun of her for no reason and later spread a rumor about her being gay. Marissa was devistated that all of her friends abandonded her so bad that her brother had to pick her up from camp. Marissa vowed to never make any friends besides her older brother, cuase he's all she has. The reason is that Marissa's parents died in a plane crash leaving her and her older brother orphaned at a very young age. This however didn't stop her brother from making life better for him and Marissa. At 16 she moved in with her brother and his girlfriend than legally abopted her so they can stay family. Now Marissa is determined to win Total Drama Pop Stars and to have the life she dreamed of.


Meet The Singers: When Marissa arrived she seemed uninterested she glared at Chris when he made a sarcastic remark about her. Marissa later rolls her eyes when Tia arrives which Tia must've didn't see or ignored. Marissa later is seen glaring at Victoria when she told everyone she's better than everyone else. Marissa, along with everyone else, laughs when Ulrich insults Victoria when he tells her she has a nice personality. Marissa is last seen celebrating with her team after they won the first challenge.

Black, Blue And Red All Over...Again: After Sam quit Marissa was originally going to sit out on her team but instead Chris offerd the other team a vote off which caused Marissa to be eliminated. After she stormed off Chris than asked for Avalon to sit out instead Richard sat out in respect for Marissa for wanting to sit out earlier.


  • Marissa is only one of two contestants to be an orphan the other is Richard
  • As her bio may imply her brother maybe older than 18 by the time she moves in with him

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