Marina Brinley Rose McLean, labelled The Quiet Bookworm is a contestant on Total Drama World Tour in the fanfiction A Glimpse in a Mirror: An Alejandro Burromuerto Love Story written by DownWithVoldemort on Quotev.


As expected, the story reviews Marina's adventures on Total Drama World Tour with her conflicting romance with the Arch Villain Alejandro.

Walk Like an Egyptian

Marina TDWT animation

Marina starts off the competition already knowing Alejandro (as he was at her father's house the same time as her discussing his contract.) and knowing a fair bit about him. Her dislike moves from her older sister to Courtney after the former tries to pop her earbud out. Her excitement of a musical season is similar to Courtney's, despite her trying to hide it, Duncan, her close friend from childhood reveals she's what Alejandro calls "a songbird."

Upon landing in Egypt after taking off, she teams up with Izzy, Bridgette and Alejandro to go over the pyramid and is placed on Team 2 (later to be named Team Chris is Really, Really, Really, Really Hot.) with Alejandro, Owen, Noah, Tyler and Sierra and reveals the heat getting to her by revealing her real crabby side. Since her team receives a goat as a prize, she finds a flaw in Alejandro's inital plan and suggests an alternate with Owen being the base. Alejandro gives her the benefit of the doubt and tries it, which succeeds bathed in praise from her team mates.

Upon reaching the Nile River, Marina helps Sierra (who claims to be a third generation basket weaver) weave a boat until her sudden switch to Team Amazon in exchange for Izzy. In exchange, Marina helps finish the boat and the team sails, only to lose to Team Amazon.

Super Happy Crazy Fun Time Japan

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