Vital Visions
Team Heather
Vital Visions (II)
Gender Female
Hair color Blonde with dyed pink dots
Episode Eliminated "Burn Notification"
Place 13th
Friends None
Enemies Lucks, Cedric
Fear Prison
Talent Coming up with crazy ideas

Marien, labeled The Party Girl, is a contestant on Total Drama Flashback.


Marien has always loved parties. When she was 4, she went to her first party at a friend’s house, and was reluctant to leave. She loved the concept of getting together and celebrating things. When she was 6, she went to a sleepover. She considered it “a two person party.” Then, when she got into the fourth grade, she started getting invited to sleepover parties – and LOVED them. She now throws one every other week. It's not long before she sneaks out at 2 AM to go to parties.

Marien joined TDF to get into contact with some new friends to invite to parties.


  • Marien is an edit of Courtney.
  • Marien's original name was Sally, but that was taken.
  • Originally, Marien was to place second after returning, but she was always meant to be eliminated origninally in Burn Notification.

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