Maria, labeled The Dancing Queen, competed on Total Drama Isle, but failed to make it to Total Drama Vegas.

Quick Cats
Maria 2
Gender Female
Hair color Blonde
Episode Eliminated "Confessons of a teenage camper"
Place 15th
Friends Lizzy, Matt (one-sided)
Enemies Alan
Talent dancing
Counterpart Eva

Chapter Guide: Total Drama Isle

Chapter 1- She was put on the Quick Cats, who lost the challenge. She voted Alan

Chapter 2- Her team lost and voted off Lizzy

Chapter 3- She voted Alan least important for the team. Her team won

Chapter 4- Does her talent in the talent show, but messes up. She voted out Nicholas when her team lost

Chapter 5- She gets her answer right and her team wins

Chapter 6- Her team wins

Chapter 7: Her team loses and votes Chris

Chapter 8: When asked if she had a crush on anyone on the island she said Matt. Her team lost and she voted for Ashley only to be voted off herself.

Chapter 18: She dances with Lizzy. She ants Matt to win and continuely waits for Matt to love her.

Reunion: She eats with Scott and Alan, but when she talks to herself about Matt, they walk away. When she sees the game, she cheers for Matt, who trips. When Roman announces season two, she is picked, but then Roman takes it back, meaning she failed to make it.

Chapter Guide: Total Drama Vegas


  • Maria is an edit of Eva.
  • Maria likes Matt.