Marcus (TDW)
Team Super
Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Eye color Hazel
Episode Eliminated "TDW: Don't Slip, Or You'll Take a Dip"
Place 15th (Last)
Relationship None
Family Father
Friends Daniel
Enemies None
Marcus is labeled the Failure and competed in Total Drama: Westside.


Marcus has literally failed at everything he has ever tried. Despite this, he always tries his best at things, unfortunately his best sucks. He signed up for Total Drama so he could finally win something.


When he arrived at the island he declared that he would win, right before he tripped and fell on his face which made the other contestants laugh at him. When they were split into teams, he ended up with Caleb and Daniel but neither of them seemed to want an alliance. In the challenge he eliminated himself by tripping into the water. He was told by Cody he would be safe but ended up being elimianted after Jordan switched his vote.

Reunion: In the reunion Marcus was the first to answer questions. He said that he was surprised that he was the first one out and that next time he would win for sure. He qualified for the second season.


  • He is modeled after Ezekiel from Total Drama.
  • He was the first person eliminated in TDW.

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