Mandy (TDS)
Tricky Mimes
Gender Female
Hair color Brown
Eye color Blue
Episode Eliminated ""Screech The Plastic KnifeMan" (Returns in Hide and Dodge)

"Hide and Dodge""

Place 13th
Relationship None
Family "Daddy" "Mommy" (Deceased)
Friends Yvette, Dustin
Enemies Everyone except Friends
Fear Poor People
Talent Getting Money, getting mad, trying to sue people
Origin American
Mandy, known as the Rich Brat, was a contestant in Total Drama Surprise (TDS). She was in the Tricky Mimes team and was eliminated in the second challenge of the competition, Screech The PlasticKnife Man. She, along with Dustin and Tiffany May, returned in Hide and Dodge. At the end, she was eliminated once more due to people being afraid of what might happen if she stayed.


Mandy lives in a mansion in New York, where her father owns most of the companies there. He usually doesn't pay attention to Mandy, causing her to be a brat. When she heard of Total Drama Surprise, she told her "daddy" to immediatly grant her a spot in it. He did, and she was instantly sent to the Surprise Mansion. Mandy could be a very nice person though, but after years of her father tending to his work more than his daughter, Mandy turned to the dark side and got the wrong idea of everyone hating her. She pays her way through everything, and if that doesn't work, she usually makes her father complete her wish. Her mother died in a car crash when Mandy was 1, so she never knew her.

Total Drama Surprise

Mandy was a contestant in the competition, although she was voted off by her teammates in the second challenge due to her insulting her own teammate, Tiffany May, and Nathan on the Brave Illusionists. She returned in the fourth challenge, Talent or Nothing, to help Suri Mane judge the talent show along with Candice and Dustin, who were also voted off. She gave everyone low scores except Rex, who hurt himself while riding his motorcycle. She returns in Hide and Dodge, where she is eliminated again.

Along the way Mandy befriends Yvette and Dustin, but nobody else. It is still unknown if she will return to the second season of Total Drama Surprise. The title is unknown yet.

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