Mallory (SS)
Clam ChowdersMalloryRedraw
Gender Female
Hair color Dirty Blond
Relationship None
Family Mother, Father, Sister, Brother
Fear Bugs
Talent Being Pretty

Mallory, labeled as The Pretty Girl, is a character on S.S. Total Drama.


Mallory was born a very pretty baby, who grew up into a very pretty toddler. In elementary school, Mallory was a very pretty child, and in high school, a very pretty teenager. That is about everything regarding to her. Mallory is not the most intelligent person, but is nowhere near dumb, as she is capable of keeping only As and Bs on her grade. One would say averagely intelligent. Despite being incredibly bland, Mallory has numerous admirers due to the beauty she had since she was born.

Mallory joined Total Drama to win the money and prove that she is more than a pretty face.

After S.S. Total Drama

After S.S. Total Drama, Mallory decided to follow the journalistic career. The girl is now working as a columnist in a teen magazine, and due to her vast experience of being popular in high school, she gives tips about fashion, date advices, among other futilities. Mallory accepted the request to return in a heartbeat, as she cannot wait to be even more popular. Now she knows she cannot be as naive as last time.


  • Mallory was originally called Mary Lou, but I changed at the last minute (after the first chapter was written) because I thought the name didn't fit her.
  • I really wasn't looking forward to writing for Mallory, but she ended up being one of my favorite characters to write for.
  • Mallory was originally based on a girl from my school, but ended up completely different from her, both in appearance and personality.
  • Mallory was supposed to return in my cancelled story, Total Drama Ranch. She would have gotten 5th out of 22.


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