Makayla, labled The Two-Faced, Backstabbing Girl is an 'up-for-grabs' character illustrated by user Totaldramawhatnot and created by JasonAlexande08.

Makayla is an 'up-for-grabs' character.' 'That means that if you want to use him in one of your fanfictions you can if you get TotalDramaWhatnot or JasonAlexande08''s permission.

Gender Female
Hair color Blonde
Episode Eliminated "N/A"
Place N/A
Relationship N/A
Family N/A
Friends N/A
Enemies N/A


Makayla, who is a surprising smart individual has always loved to get into trouble. Therefore, she uses her talents to manipulate people--which she finds very, very simple. She will be your friend one minute, then talk about you behind your back. She spends much of her free time plotting ways to gain trust. Once or twice she's actually found a friend she realizes she likes but tells herself not to forget the purpose of becoming their friend and betrays them. Because of this she rarely has good friends.

If I won...

Makayla would use the money she won to make her home a castle, pay celebrities to be her friends, and save the rest of the cash.

Audition Tape

Makayla's audition tape isn't by her--it's by a victim. It shows and nerdy boy with a camera interviewing several people in the school. The question he always asks is if they've ever been hurt by Makalya. The shot shows them all thinking then them all saying yes one after another. The camera then shows the nerd in the hall talking to the camera. "See? I told you Makayla is EVIL!" Suddenly we hear someone walk next to the dork and swat the camera. We recognize the person as Makayla, who then yells at the nerd as the camera fuzzes and the "audition" ends.


  • Makayla is based of a combination of Lindsay-Courtney-Heather.
  • Makayla was a request from to Totaldramawhatnot.
  • The flower in Makayla's headband is from a shot of Lindsay.

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