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Magical Total Drama - Magical Dragons

Magical Dragons

This is a total drama contains many magical girls (and a boy) from AREA-ZERO and fly-system games and also characters from magical girls and Touhou girls.

Teams and characters

Magical Dragons

A temam composed of many serious characters (with the exception of Ion).

  • Kirio Kikawa
  • Hoshisaki Ion
  • Lina Inverse
  • Nue Houjuu
  • Sakuya Izayoi
  • Fate Testarossa
  • Vita
  • Aoi Kuromori
  • Leafa Clane
  • Nowel Diastasis

Berserker Wizards

A team composed of the most kawaii (cute) girls of the show.

  • Ruru Gerrard
  • Naga the Serpent
  • Sakura Kinomoto
  • Kirara Hoshizora
    • Alice Margatroid, the doll girl.
    • Aoi Kuromori, the great swordswoman.
    • Aya Shameimaru, the fastest around.
    • Cirno, the little fairy.
    • Fate Testarossa, the advanced presumed girl.
    • Flandre Scarlet, the little-huge bomb.
    • Hayate Yagami, the overpowered shy girl.
    • IkS0A-IkSpiari, the little robot.
    • Ion Hoshisaki, the always-happy girl.
    • Kirara Hoshizora, the first twin.
    • Kirio Kikawa, the serious strategist male.
    • Kogasa Tatara, the funny umbrella.
    • Koishi Komeiji, the cute girl.
    • Leafa Clane, the presumed flaming girl.
    • Lina Inverse, the thieves killer.
    • Marisa Kirisame, the master of the spark.
    • Naga the Serpent, the spy girl.
    • Nanoha Takamachi, the advanced brave girl.
    • Nowel Diastasis, the serious robot.
    • Nue Houjuu, the hidden strange.
    • Raika Mamiya, the paralyzing lightning.
    • Reimu Hakurei, the shrine maiden.
    • Ruru Gerrard, the tough robot.
    • Sakura Kinomoto, the pink sakura.
    • Sakuya Izayoi, the knife thrower.
    • Sarara Hoshizora, the second twin.
    • Suika Ibuki, the loving sake oni.
    • Suwako Moriya, the god of wind.
    • Vita, the tough little girl.
    • Youmu Konpaku, the fast swordswomen.
  • Sarara Hoshizora
  • Flandre Scarlet
  • Suika Ibuki
  • Aya Shameimaru
  • Kogasa Tatara
  • IkS0A-IkSpriari

Elemental Battlers

A team composed of many Touhou charcters (with some exceptions).

  • Reimu Hakurei
  • Marisa Kirisame
  • Cirno
  • Youmu Konpaku
  • Alice Margatroid
  • Suwako Moriya
  • Koishi Komeiji
  • Nanoha Takamachi
  • Yagami Hayate
  • Raika Mamiya


Magical Total Drama
Character/Position 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34
Alice/TBA SAFE IN SAFE ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??
Aoi/TBA WIN WIN WIN ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??
Aya/TBA IN SAFE IN ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??
Fate/TBA WIN WIN WIN ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??
Flandre/TBA IN SAFE IN ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??
Hayate/TBA SAFE IN SAFE ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??
IkSpiari/TBA IN SAFE IN ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??
Ion/TBA WIN WIN WIN ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??
Kirara/TBA IN SAFE IN ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??
Kirio/TBA WIN WIN WIN ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??
Koishi/TBA SAFE IN SAFE ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??
Kogasa/TBA SAFE SAFE IN ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??
Leafa/TBA WIN WIN WIN ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??
Lina/TBA WIN WIN WIN ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??
Marisa/TBA SAFE IN SAFE ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??
Nanoha/TBA SAFE IN SAFE ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??
Nowel/TBA WIN WIN WIN ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??
Nue/TBA WIN WIN WIN ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??
Raika/TBA SAFE IN SAFE ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??
Reimu/TBA SAFE IN SAFE ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??
Sakura/TBA LOW SAFE SAFE ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??
Sakuya/TBA WIN WIN WIN ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??
Sarara/TBA IN SAFE IN ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??
Suika/TBA IN SAFE LOW ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??
Suwako/TBA SAFE IN SAFE ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??
Vita/TBA WIN WIN WIN ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??
Youmu/TBA SAFE SAFE SAFE ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??
Ruru/28th IN SAFE OUT ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??
Cirno/29th SAFE OUT¹
Naga/30th OUT

29 contestants left.

WIN: (green) Means the team/character won the challenge

SAFE: (orange) Means the character is safe and wasn't sent in the elimination ceremony, didn't won the challenge, but didn't lose either.

SAFE: (gold) Received the bottle of cola during the elimination ceremony, which means that he/she is safe for more days, can also mean that it's still safe.

IN: (grey) Received bottle of water.

LOW: (pink) Received the last bottle of water in the elimination ceremony.

OUT: (crimson) Was eliminated, by the regular way.

OUT: (brown) Was eliminated, under special circunstances.

  • ¹: Cirno stayed inside the shop, Chris eliminated her for this.


Into the Big City - The Big CLUE

Chris: Hello everyone, I'm Chris McClean and welcom to Magical... Total... Drama!

Chirs: 30 anime characters are competing to win 1,000,000 dollars!

Chris: Here there are all 30 contestants, you may saw their information on the internet. How do you feel about a chance of winning 1,000,000 dollars?

Kirio: Meh. I just came here because they obligated me.

Ion: It was me!

In the confessional.

Kirio: My girlfriend, everyone, let me present her.

Back to the competition.

Chris: Let's go into the mansion.

Inside the mansion.

Leafa: Is this where we'll live?

Chirs: Yes.

All contestants: Really..?

Chris: ...for 3 days.

All contestants: Uhh...

Chris: I'll assign the teams, now. Let's begin with the Magical Dragons, the captain will be Kirio, and the others will be Ion, Lina, Nue, Sakuya, Fate, Vita, Aoi, Leafa and Nowel. The next will be the Berserker Wizards, the captain is Ruru, the others are Naga, Sakura, Kirara, Sarara, Flandre, Suika, Aya, Kogasa and IkS. The final team is the Elemental Battlers the captain Reimu, and the others will be Marisa, Cirno, Youmu, Alice, Suwako, Koishi, Nanoha, Hayate and Raika. Well, let's go to the highway, the start line of the first challenge.

On the highway.

Chris: Let's begin the challenge, you'll have to find the big CLUE. I'll give you a clue to begin the challenge. The clue is in a very common place. Begin!

Kirio: Well, have you got any idea of where should we go?

Leafa: How about the park?

Fate: The mansion?

Kirio: The park, let's go!

Naga: (secretly hidden in a bush) I've heard everytihng.

In the confessional.

Nue: Me too.

Back to the city.

Kogasa: Where should we go?

Naga: The park, is very obvious.

Ruru: Let's go then.

Marisa: Where should we go then?

Cirno: Let's see if it is in the highway.

Youmu: Let's go.

In the park.

Kirio: There it is.

Ion: Let's see.

The finish line is close to the start line.

Kirio: Let's blow it away.

Ion: Why?

Kirio: So that the others won't know where the finish line is.

Leafa: Under the highway!

Kirio: Maybe... let's try it.


The box that contains the clue, is blown away, where the highway is.

On the highway.

Cirno: I told you so.

Koishi: There's the box.

The team reads the same note that the Magical Dragons read.

Alice: Let's see around the highway.

Under the highway.

Chris: Congratulations, Magical Dragons you just won the inmunity! And you can spend 3 days more in the mansion!

In the park.

Naga: What? Where is it?

Sakura: We losed a lot of time, let's return to the highway to ask Chris for more clues.

Kogasa: All right.

Under the highway.

Chris: Well done Elemental Battlers! You are safe by now!

Sakura: Chris!

Chris: Berserker Wizards! You just lost the challenge! Let's go to the new bottle ceremony.

In the bottle ceremony.

Chris: What a way to lose the challenge. The votes have been counted. Oh! And one of you will receive a bottle of cola, will spend one more day in the mansion and also inmunity for one day more. The others will receive a bottle of water which means inmunity for 3 days. Well, the bottle of cola goes to Kogasa!

Kogasa: Yes! I'm safe!

Chris: The others are Flandre, Ruru, Sarara, Aya, Suika, Kirara and IkS.

The Bottom Two

Chris: The last bottle of water goes to... Sakura.

Naga: What? I'm out?

Sakura: That's for slowing us, Naga.

In the confessional.

Kirio: Thanks, for telling me everything, Nue.

Nue: That wasn't a problem.

Back to the city.

Chris: Well, Naga you must take the Bus of Losers.

Naga: You'll see what happens when you'll miss Naga. Ho-ho-ho-ho-ho-ho!

The bus of losers, takes Naga away.

Chris: Now that we finish the episode, we can conclude this episode of Magical Total Drama!


Naga: 9 (Ruru, Sakura, Kirara, Sarara, Flandre, Suika, Aya, Kogasa, IkS)

Sakura: 1 (Naga).

A crazy Hamoween

Chris: Welcome back to Magical Total Drama! Today we'll have a very crazy challenge about halloween.

Ion: But... wasn't Halloween yesterday?

Chris: Yes... but I've contracted some kids to play halloween for another day.

All contestants: Another day?

Chris: Yes, today challenge is callled ´´A crazy hamoween´´!

Marisa: Hamoween?

Chris: Yes, the reward for the winning team is eating a huge ham for dinner for 3 days in the mansion.

Ion: We must win that challenge.

Nue: Why? It's just ham.

Aoi: It doesn't matter the reward we must win that challenge to be safe.

Lina: She's right.

Chris: Well, the first part of the challenge is going shopping, you must buy candies. As the winners of the last challenge the Magical Dragons will go first. You have 30 minutes.

Magical Dragons:

Fate: What should we buy?

Kirio: Big chocolates, we must use them for the kids.

Ion: But that isn't what it matters about halloween.

Kirio: But we aren't in halloween. It's the 1st November!

Ion: What it matters is... the love.

All Magical Dragons (except Ion): You're confused.

Magical Dragons finished.

Chris: Next the Elemental Battlers.

Elemental Battlers:

Reimu: Let's choose some good candies.

Koishi: How about those?

Elemental Battlers finished.

Chris: And finally the Berserker Wizards.

Berserker Wizards:

Sakura: We can't lose another contestant.

Ruru: Okay, let's take those candies.

Chris: As the winners of the last challenge, the Magical Dragons take the biggest house. The Elemental Battlers take the medium-sized house. And the Berserker Wizards take the smallest house.

Sakura: Oh...

Chris: Now get inside the homes and give some candies.

After an hour.

Ion: See you kids.

Kids: Thanks.

Kirio: We're doing it very well.

Leafa: It's awesome.

Vita: I'm sure we'll win.

After 4 hours, it's midnight, the trick-or-treating is over.

Chris: Well, kids which candies did you like the most.

Kids: Magical Dragons!

Magical Dragons: Yes!

Chris: Which candies do you think were the worst.

Kids: Elemental Battlers.

Chris: Elemental Battlers, see you...

Reimu: Wait, where's Cirno?

In the shop.

Cirno: Help me! I'm stuck in the shop!

Chris: Oh well, I think that's over for Cirno. See you next time on Magical, Total...

Reimu: Wait a minute, who's the bottle of cola for.

Chris: For... Youmu! Drama!

Expectation and Reality

In the Mansion

Nue wakes up, and sees that everyone is fighting

Nue: Hi..! Everyone?

Lina: Hi Nue, do you know what's happening?

Kirio: Here you are, tell Fate that the team would always lose if I wasn't here.

Nue and Lina: (To each other) So that's what's going on.

Nue: Don't fight, we're a team, we should act like one.

Lina: Nue is right, we aren't a team if we fight the whole day.

Kirio: I think they're right.

Fate: What?!

In the confessional.

Nue: I'm better than I thought convincing people.


Chris: Hello, friends.


Chris: Well, your challenge, today I bought 3 buildings which you'll manage it until I find someone that can take care of it.

Kirio: That's all. Taking care of apartments? It won't be hard

Nue: Well...

Ion: Em...

Leafa: Yeah..!

Elemental Battlers.

Reimu: It's an easy task, so let's take care of it.

A minute later.

Reimu: Yeah, Chris Apartments II, I'll conect you.

Marisa: Where is it?!

In the confessional.

Reimu: (sad) Our apartments are a disaster.

Marisa: Once again, it's time to people decide if they like our apartment or not.

Berseker Wizards.

Ruru: C'mon team, FASTER!

In the confessional.

Sakura: Everytime, she always tries to lead the team to defeat.

Magical Dragons.

Kirio: Okay, now that we are done, we can finally rest.

In the confessional.

Nue: Kirio seems that type of captain that is always confident of what it does, he's a nice person, that's why he's the captain FATE!


Chris: Alright, Team 1, MD, the people told that your apartment was excellent, that means you won for the 3rd consecutive time.

MD: Yeah!

Chris: Team 2 and 3, EB and BW, the people told that your apartments were bad, yeah BAD! But to decide which team goes to tthe elimination ceremony, you'll have to a tie-breaker.

Suika: Chris, most members of our team have decided that we want to go to the elimination ceremony.

Ruru: What!?

In the confessional.

Ruru: Suika is DEAD.

Suika: Everything is going as the girls and I planned.

The bottom two.

Chris: Well, Suika offering your team to elimination, WRONG! Because... they eliminated Ruru!

Ruru: I knew... WHAT!?

Chris: You heard me Ruru. You're out. And the bottle of cola decided by the team goes to Sakura!

Ruru: You're the WORST TEAM EVER!!

Nowel: (Was seeing the whole elimination) Ruru.

Chris: What a day. Who will be eliminated next time discover it on Magical, Total, Drama!


Suika: 1 (Ruru)

Ruru: 8 (Sakura, Kirara, Sarara, Aya, Suika, Flandre, Kogasa, IkS)

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