Maddison (TDNG)
Victorious Waffles
Gender Female
Hair color Strawberry blond
Place 1/2nd place
Relationship Brendon
Family Mike Smith(father) Zoey Smith( Mother)
Friends Charlotte, Julie, Maggie, Dannielle, Rose, Brendon, Thomas
Enemies Elaine, Jack
Fear Her father losing control again
Talent Dancing, Drawing, Helping


Maddison Linda Smith, Teenage daughter of Mike and Zoey Smith, is a contestant on Total Drama: Next Generation. She is a very nice, well natured girl who constantly worrys about her father losing control because of his former MPD. She loves to help the poor and those and need, and never leaves a friend, boy or girl, behind. She has very fierce conflicts, though, with mean contestants like Elaine and Jack, and is not afraid to stand up to them. Will she make it to the fenale, or will she let herself fall behind because of her desire to help everyone?

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