Katelyn, or Lyn, stereotyped The Band Geek, is one (of two) original characters introduced in the story "The Perception of Moody Teenagers". She's the first of the two original characters to be featured in the story, being

Lyn (The Band Geek)


Hair Color
Eye Color
Sisters, Mom, Dad, Nephew, Niece
Noah, Gwen, Cody, LeShawna

introduced in the first chapter. She is a member of The Screaming Gophers.


Lyn seems to be a bit of an edgy and awkward girl, and tends to be the one at the hands of embarrassment. She has a sarcastic and dry sense of humor, but also gets flustered easily. She tends to get annoyed at others, and snaps when provoked (which takes a while to do). She likes her alone time, and finds clique-y people uncomfortable to be around because gossip makes her angry. She tends to shut down when insulted, which is a huge weakness for her. She's self conscious about her weight. Lyn values her relationships with the others, and wants to make sure that she doesn't do anything to make them uncomfortable. She loves music, and participates in many music programs at her school. She can play the Saxophone (Alto, Tenor and Bari), the Flute and Piccolo, the Ukelele and the Trombone.

Total Drama Island

Lyn, when arriving on the island, was not pleased at all. Having being named Katelyn, she was forced to shorten her name to Lyn due to there being Katie, and to lessen confusion between the two. She decided to agree with Chris on this decision, and isn't too affected by it later on. She happens to accept the nickname and goes by it for the rest of her time on the show.

When Drew arrives on the island, she is moderately surprised, due to her knowing him from school. He didn't notice her, and since they weren't really friends, Lyn shrugged it off.

To fast forward, Lyn did end up jumping off the cliff, helping the Screaming Gophers claim victory for the first challenge.

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