Luttrel is a character in the Total Drama: Altso Isle series. He served as the main antagonist of Total Drama: Altso Isle. He won that season. He later returned to the show for Total Drama: Altso Isle Prison and served as a minor antagonist/major anti-hero. He later returned yet again for Total Drama: Altso Isle Boot Camp, where he served a very minor role. He then later returned for Total Drama: Altso Isle Volcano Mountain, as the co-main antagonist with Lyle. He later returned for Total Drama: Altso Isle Cove, where he lasted for a short time before being eliminated due to Heather.

Team Moron Monkeys, Team Toilets, Team A
Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Place TDAI: 1st

TDAIP: 5th TDAIBC: 10th TDAIVM: 4th TDAIC: 7th

Relationship Lassy (girlfriend)
Family unknown
Friends Lassy, Justin, Lyle
Enemies Everyone but friends
Fear Losing.
Talent Manipulation

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