Lunden, labeled The Skater, is a contestant in an upcoming story.

Gender Female
Hair color Dark Brown
Eye color Brown
Episode Eliminated "???"
Place  ???
Relationship  ???
Family Mother
Friends  ???
Enemies  ???
Fear Boredom, Sand
Talent Skating


Lunden was never a very happy child from birth. Her parents didn't have very good jobs, and they couldn't afford much to keep her preoccupied. Because of this, Lunden often laid around the house, completely idle and bored, which she despised. However, this all changed when she was walking home from school one day and saw some kids roller-skating. Seeing that it looked fun, Lunden convinced her parents to buy her roller skates and a helmet, and since then she's been skating practically every free moment she has. Lunden is happy about it, but her parents are concerned, as she never does much else.

Lunden joined the competition to practice her skating skills and other athletic activities. If she won, Lunden would probably donate all the money to a research society on cancer.

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