Lucy is labeled as The Optimistic Girl, and is one of the 16 contestants on Total Drama Chaos.

Sky High Hawks
Warrior Princesses
Chaotic Fighters
Gender Female
Episode Eliminated "The Good, The Gambler, and The Flirt"
Place 3rd
Relationship Wallace
Friends Wallace, Hatcher, Boomer, Kaitlyn, Teresa
Enemies Joe, Todd, Paul
Fear Pessimists
Talent Having a good time, Having lots of optimism


Lucy was never a downer. Ever since she was born, Lucy had a positive outlook on life. When she one F on her report card, all she did was a simple sigh, and forgot she ever had an F. Lucy's parents are worried that she will get into trouble, because of her optimitism. They tried telling her its okay to be sad or mad once in a while, but she always had her head held high, and was always happy and optimistic. She later signed up for Total Drama Chaos, because she knews that her optimism will help her win and make lots of friends.

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