Vital Visions
Team Heather
Vital Visions (II)
Fearless Flashbacks
Gender Male
Hair color Black
Episode Eliminated "Ocarina of Drama"
Place 5th
Enemies Glory, Gladys, Elliot
Fear A worldwide blackout
Talent Tech knowledge
Counterpart Terrence

Lucks, labeled The Boy Who Knows Everything About Electronics, is a contestant on Total Drama Flashback.


Lucks' situation is similar to that of Terrence: he has all of the latest gadgets. However, they are opposites because Lucks could control his obsessions, and therefore succeeded more in life. Also, Lucks' spectrum spanned over most electronics where as Terrence was focused on video games. His parents were rich, but Lucks worked a part-time job to help fund his electronics. His obsession got stronger as he grew, and he also started to become a couch potato. When Total Drama Island aired, he got up off of the couch to train for his dream adventure: being on the show.

Lucks says he'll use his money to purchase a supercomputer if he wins.


  • Lucks is an edit of Duncan/Cody's original design.

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