Luciana, labeled The Flirty Strategist is a character in Total Drama Infinity.

Gender Female
Hair color brown
Episode Eliminated "TBA"
Place 1st
Relationship None
Family two older sisters
Friends TBA
Enemies TBA


Luciana was always one step ahead of everyone else around her. She is known for being able to easily convince other people to agree with her and do what she wants. That's how she got to be president of the student council. In elementary school she used to get other girls to do what she wants them to do through blackmail, deceit, and lies. This trick worked for the longest time, that is, until she hit middle school and the people she used to manipulate began to see through her lies, and eventually completely abandoned her. Perhaps it was an accident, but soon after she was abandoned by her fellow girls, Luciana discovered an even better source of people to use: boys. With a little bit of practice, she became so good at flirting and getting guys to do what she wants, that in a single school day's worth of flirting, she can capture any guy she wants to, and she often has more than one ready do do what she wants. So far there has not been a single boy who resisted her techniques, and not a single boy has been able to break free of the spell she has on them, though she never actually returned the feelings. Now all the girls in her school are angry at her for taking all the guys, but she doesn't care. Luciana joined Infinity to win the cash prize and try out her power over boys.


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