Mr. McLean's Penguins
Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Episode Eliminated "My Best Friend Is A Loser"
Place 5th
Relationship None
Family Mother, Father, (deceased) Aunt
Friends Rufus (possibly), Bunny, Keetin, (possibly), Foxface (possibly)
Enemies Rufus (possibly), Keetin (possibly), Foxface (possibly), Lily
Fear Earthquakes
Talent Playing guitar

Luc, labeled The Talented Bum, is a contestant on Total Drama Antarctica. Luc was orphaned at only two months of age, when his parents were killed in a major earthquake. He escaped the disaster along with his elderly aunt, who adopted him after her sister's death. He lived at her house in Ontario for a while, but soon grew tired of his irresponsible and careless aunt. One night, he snuck out of his house and decided to survive on the streets. He managed to fend for himself, sometimes having to steak food and water. He earns some money by doing what he's talented at: playing the guitar. People passing by him recognize his talent and give him money to survive, making him able to afford a few nice things every now and then, including his clothes. Luc signed up for Total Drama Antarctica because he needs the money.

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