Louis (The Guy Who Loves Guys) : Louis was born a....... lets just say born to love guys . This makes people think he is a freak!

Chapter Guide

Ireland - U.S.A - This chapter reavels Louis is ....... lets just say inlove with guys as he was shooting the dollars on the dollars on the estate.

Austrailian Adventure- It is unknown what Louis done in this chapter but he was eliminated.

Life Before Travelization

Louis was born in Poland . 1 year after birth moved to Mexico.

In kindergarten he was the class geek and normally done maths wich he failed

In the 3rd Grade he mentioned that he loved guys boys then hated him. This ment in football class instead kicking it in the goal Louis's opponent kicked the ball in Louis's nuts wich made him fall in pain and the ball roals in the goal everyday.

He got his first B in the 5th Grade

In the 6th Grade when Louis asks a girl out the reply by kicking his nuts as girls hate him for being in love with guys.

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