Louie (SS)
Clam ChowdersLouieSSTD
Gender Male
Hair color Black
Relationship None
Family Father, Mother
Fear Practical jokes
Talent History Knowledge

Louie, labeled as The Bullied Guy, is a character on S.S. Total Drama.


Louie was always the laughing stock of his school, first because of his chubby frame, and now because of his goofy and overall annoying personality. He is a very naïve boy, making him an easy target for bullies. Louie tries to be the most polite possible, but ends up invading people's personal space and being very inconvenient. During classes, Louie is constantly bullied for asking the teacher irrelevant questions, or questions which have an obvious answer. Louie also tries very hard to get good grades, but rarely accomplishes that goal due to his not so smart nature.

Louie joined Total Drama to prove to the people who bully him, that he can be successful at something.


After S.S. Total Drama, Louie watched himself on the show and realized how he was doing everything wrong to get a girlfriend. He studied the matters a little and realized what girls like is a mature man. Louie began acting mature to all girls around him in hopes of getting a girlfriend, but still can’t hide the big teddy-bear he is inside. He accepted a returning request, and is sure he will get a girlfriend this time.


  • Louie is based on a real person.
  • Louie ended up much more boring and irrelevant to the plot as he was intended to.
  • Louie's Total Drama Ranch updated appearance is entirely based on Foreman's clothes from S.S. Total Drama.
  • Louie was supposed to return in my cancelled story, Total Drama Ranch. He would have been the first person eliminated.


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