Author's note: I feel my previous stories on this site are lacking in both quality and quantity. I took a break from writing here a while ago and now, seeing that I have matured, have decided to go on to write more. Here is my first attempt at a better story; a Dawn x B one-shot.

Lost For Words

The challenge was finally over, the Toxic Rats were glad of that. Nobody suspected it would be Lightning who went home but they were more cautious of their own sorry butts. Losing the last two challenges was a humiliating enough, but losing their most athletic player was something else. Dawn just wanted to get away from it all. When the cameras finally stopped rolling the campers could so whatever they wished and Dawn just wished to meditate in the forest surrounded by wildlife. It was this pleasent afternoon when she was sitting on a tree stump when she sensed a person close by.

"Hello?" Dawn called out, opening one eye. There in front of her was B. B never talked, Dawn had gotten used to that.

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