Lola is labeled as The Insane Girl in Total Drama States.

Eastern Folk

Northern Lights

American Travelers

The Newer Lola
Gender Female
Hair color Pink
Episode Eliminated "There is a rattlesnake five feet in front of you "
Place 9th
Relationship Teddie
Family Mother, Father, two Sisters
Friends Teddie, Dan, "Zoo-Zoo", Daisi, Kassi, Ryan , Louie
Enemies Earl, Sophie
Fear Bananas
Talent Singing, Licking Her Elbows and Eyeballs

Chapter Guide

Chapter 1- Lola introduced herself. She was seated with Earl, but he traded seats with Teddie because he hates her. Teddie and Lola became friends. In the Pre-Game Immunity Vote, she voted for Teddie, and received votes from Teddie. She was put on the Eastern Folk, along with Dan, Mari, and Earl. She raced in the second race with Kassi and Louie. She won the race and immunity for her team because Charlotte accidently threw her pompom at Kassi, which caused her to fall off of her horse.  

Chapter 2- Lola sat next to Mari. She overheard Dan and Earl talking about who to vote off if they lose. Earl told Dan to vote off Lola. When Earl left to use the confessioanl, Lola turned to Dan and asked him what they were talking about. He told her what Earl had said. She said it was obvious becasue he didn't like her. However, Dan said that he never areed to vote her off. Her team found Josh at Lake Superior second. Her team won immunity, but not the gourmet dinner.

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