Lizzy, labeled The Mood Swing, competed on Total Drama Isle and Total Drama Vegas.

Quick Cats
Gender Female
Hair color Orange
Episode Eliminated "TDI: You Look Puzzled


Place TDI: 21st


Friends Cayla, Samantha, and Maria
Enemies None
Counterpart Bridgette

Chapter Guide: Total Drama Isle

Chapter 1- Lizzy is put on the Quick Cats. Her team lost and she voted Jared

Chapter 2- Her mood swing made her team lose the challenge and voted off Samantha. She got voted off by Ashley, Gwenyth, Maria, and Samantha.

Chapter 17- She appears to help with the challenge

Chapter 18- She dances with Maria. She wants Scott to win.

Reunion- She plays basketball with Cayla and Samantha against Matt, Camron, and Chris. When Roman announces season two, she is picked and when she hears, she brags, but then thinks how mean that was.

Chapter Guide: Total Drama Vegas

In "What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas," Lizzy made a rude remark to BJ, but apologized about it. She complained with everyone else about the challenge and teamed up with Cayla and Samantha. Samantha is quickly caught, and she and Cayla run into Matt and Chris. After talking loudly, the three run away, confusing Lizzy. She finds out that it wasn't her that scared them, but the Elvis behind her, which eliminates her. When Matt wins the challenge, she groans that the girls get the worse penthouse.


  • She was made using Kenzen's Blank Project
  • Lizzy is an edit of Bridgette.
  • Her name resemble's Izzy's.
  • She is the first person to appear after being voted off.