Lizzie (SS)
Clam Chowders


Gender Female
Hair color Blond
Relationship None
Family Cousins
Fear Riding a Helicopter
Talent Baking Cupcakes, Cheering

Lizzie, labeled as The Loud One, is a character on S.S. Total Drama.


Lizzie once competed in beauty pageant contests, and won many titles, and even became famous in her town for it. Nowadays Lizzie works by baking oatmeal muffins with her cousins for a retirement home. She and her cousins haven't lost their young lady free spirit, and are always cheerful and living life to its fullest. A problem with Lizzie is that she is hysterical, and shows an unnecessary enthusiasm in some situations of life. This can be good for some, but not for the people around Lizzie, as they tend to get fed up with her screaming after spending too much time with her.

Lizzie joined Total Drama to relieve the days of her youth as a fierce competitor, only in a different area.


  • Lizzie originally made it farther, but she was always a pre-merge boot.

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