Lilly is a character labeled as The Awful Video Gamer in Total Drama Idiots.

Gender Female
Episode Eliminated "?"
Place  ?
Relationship  ?
Friends Shelly
Enemies Chloe


Lilly always had a passion for video games ever since she picked one up when she was three. It was on the PlayStation and the game was Crash Team Racing. She loved that game and never did better than second out of six places. As the years went by, she consumed all the gaming devices she could and wasn’t very good at them either. She always died and was just naturally bad. She always thought that it was just some kind of glitch but it happened to her every single time she would try. She tried taking a break but it only lasted in an hour. She doesn’t really have that many friends but some nerds. She of course can’t play her video game in school but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t. She’s so obsessed that one time she skipped class to play it in the girl’s bathroom. Lilly joined Total Drama Idiots to be more social and to stop playing video games. Although, she did bring a spare Dsi and PSP go if needed.

Total Drama Idiots

Lilly was the second one to arrive in Idiot Arrivals. Once Adele showed her special talent, she clapped her hands and dropped her DSi, one of the two portable devices she brought with her, breaking it. Although, once Chloe arrived she seemed fine laughing at how dumb Chloe acted. When Chloe fakes a fall, she suggests not saving her but then got to the reality it would be killing someone. She was placed on the Killer Bacteria tribe.

Audition Tape


  • The picture was drawn by OHF.
  • Her name was originally Milly but was changed last minute do to technical difficulties.

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