Lightning, labeled The Over-Achieving Jock, was a competitor on Total Drama: Destruction Island.


Lightning (Total Drama: Destruction Island)

Team: None

Hair: Brown (formerly), White

Eyes: Brown

Eliminated: No Teams, 2 Dodgeballs, and 34 Contestants

Place: 34th/33rd

Relationship: None

Friends: None

Enemies: Gwen, Justin

Total Drama: Destruction Island

In the beginning of the first episode, Lightning pushes Tyler off the plane, telling him he needed room to dive. He gets interrupted by Leshawna, as she kicks him out of the plane. During the dodge ball challenge, him and Justin meet on a small mountain, ready to hit each other with a ball. Justin doubts Lightning will hit him, and shows him his abs. Lightning shows his abs off, saying that Justin's are nothing. Gwen sneaks up on them, and throws a ball at both of them, and Lightning gets angered by this, and he throws a ball at her. After that, Justin throws both his dodge balls at Lightning, and calls him "Sha-Arrogant". After the challenge, Lightning is not one of the people that Chris called for having immunity. At the elimination ceremony, Lightning was in the bottom 3, between him, Cody, and Gwen. Lightning gets angered when Cody gets the last marshmallow, and not him, and Lightning says he couldn't believe he got voted out. Once Chef dropped him in the Volcano of Shame, Lightning was about to tell all the contestants that they'll regret the decision, but Chris interrupts him, by launching him and Gwen out of the Volcano of Shame.

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