Lewis (TDHI)
Team Emily
Gender Male
Hair color Purple
Episode Eliminated "Can I Axe You A Question?"
Place 12th
Relationship Zahirah (one-sided on his side, ended), Zahinah
Family Unknown
Friends Jessica, Zahinah
Enemies Zahirah
Fear Heights
Talent Holding The World Record for The Person Who Lost The Most .
Larry, labeled The Loser, is a camper/contestant on Total Drama : Happy Island


Since he was born, Lewis always lost at everything he did. He always try his best, but he always loses. At a Tennis competition he and his partner came in last, at school he would always fail at his tests and at video games he is not good either.


He is weak, always loses and is sad when he loses.

Time on Total Drama : Happy Island



  • His favourite colour is purple.
  • His favourite sport is tennis.
  • He holds the World Record for The Person Who Lost The Most


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