Leonard, labeled The LARPer, was a competitor on Total Drama: Destruction Island.


Leonard (Total Drama: Destruction Island)

Team: Deadly Dart Frogs

Eyes: Black

Eliminated: An Unexpected Crush

Place: 32nd

Relationship: None

Friends: Sam

Enemies: Dave, Noah, Scarlett

Total Drama: Destruction Island:

In the first episode, Leonard tried to team up with Sam against Scarlett and Beth. It failed, as Scarlett tackled and strangled Leonard to the ground, since Leonard had called her a 'witch'. Leonard then says in his confessional after she stops tackling him, that he thinks she is evil, and wants her out soon. When Leonard is called safe at the campfire ceremony, he tells himself that his wizard powers worked. In the second episode, when Chris tells them that Achtung is German for danger, Leonard is the first to ask Chris why it's in German. When Chris announces the teams, Leonard is placed on the Deadly Dart Frogs, along with Leshawna, Dave, Heather, Owen, Noah, B, and Scarlett. At the beginning of the challenge, Leonard tries to use a teleporting power, but Scarlett pushes him to the ground and tells him to just run. When his team was deciding who should do the obstacle course first, Leonard self volunteers to go first. He ends up finishing the course. Once his team lost, he glared at Scarlett for losing the challenge for them, and he says in is confessional that he's been waiting to vote out Scarlett. Leshawna, Heather, and Scarlett decide to vote out Leonard, due to him being weak, and him being annoying with his "wizard" ways. In the guy's cabin, he enters the cabin while Noah is talking about voting him off, which makes Leonard mad, but Noah doesn't care and tells him anyways that they are voting him out. At the campfire ceremony, Noah and Leonard ended up in the bottom 2, but Noah ends up getting the final piece of coal, as he rubs it in Leonard's face, which makes him angry. Chef then puts him in the Volcano of Shame, and he is about to say something, but Chris says that he probably will just say stuff about him being a wizard, even though he isn't, so Chris just launches him, only for Leonard to yell in the distance that he is an actual wizard.

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