Leevi is a contestant in the show Total Drama X, and is introduced in the first season: Sunset Valley. He is one of fourteen contestants introduced in that season.


Leevi is the youngest contestant. He was always into theater as a Elementary schooler and would participate in plays and skits throughout the years.

He soon became invested into comedy, as his grandfather is a major jokester, and after spending a lot of time around him, it soon began to brush onto him. He soon began to form his own comedy routines and by High School, he was doing comedy hours every Friday evening.

Leevi joined the show simply for more social interaction and to gain the money at the end.


Leevi is the youngest contestant and it certainly shows in his facial appearance. He has very pale hair and large brown eyes. He has thin eyebrows and a small nose.

He wears a gray shirt underneath a gold collar shirt. He may also occasionally wear a bow-tie to go along with the outfit. It's pink with darker red polka-dots.

He wears dark brown shorts and large white socks. He has light brown shoes on his feet that appear to resemble boots.


Throughout the show, he is probably one of the most social contestants to compete. He talks to many of the people around him and he tends to get along.

At times, he may say a joke, and his jokes can range from very clever to very corny. The other contestants seem to be fine with his jokes most of the time, yet they do show annoyance when his jokes are done in large amounts.

Although he doesn't directly perform them, he is known to love pranks and will often commentate and show his approval if a prank is done well.

Sunset Valley

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Audition Tape

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  • Leevi is the only contestant not to be sixteen on Total Drama X: Sunset Valley. He is fifteen.
    • This makes him the youngest contestant in that season
  • Leevi's outfit is based on the character Luan from the Nickelodeon show, The Loud House
    • In fact, his personality and mannerisms are similar to her as well.
  • Leevi is based on the creator of this fanfiction, as he also makes many jokes, many of which are very silly and corny.
  • Leevi bares a resemblance to another character the creator of Total Drama X has worked on. Aron from Total Pokemon Island which premiered on the channel, Qartoon Productions on Youtube, also jokes around and loves pranks
    • Although, Aron's main personality is his act of constantly breaking the fourth wall, which is different to Leevi's love of telling jokes.


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