Leah, labeled the Lazy Athlete, is a character in Total Drama the Unknown. She is on the Toxic Termites.

Leah (TDtU)
Toxic Termites
Gender Female
Hair color Brunette
Episode Eliminated "N/A"
Place 1st
Relationship None
Family Unknown
Friends Myra, Nina,
Enemies Caleb, Pam
Fear Unknown
Talent Unknown


Leah has been the captain of all of the softball teams she's tried out for, and was always close to being the MVP. She is loved by everyone on the team, but can get lazy. Sometimes, she decides to sit out on most of her games, and doesn't even show up for others. However, when she does set her mind to winning, she usually does so. That's why she went out for Total Drama the Unknown. She wanted to win, and also to beat her laziness.


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