Leah, labeled as the Rich Girl is a contetsant on Total Drama Cruise.

She joined because she wanted a vacation.

Lovable Pandas.
Gender Female
Episode Eliminated "Scavenger Hunt to Remember"
Place Twentieth
Relationship Myron
Friends Myron
Enemies Aaron, Kayla
Fear Losing all of her money
Talent Choosing clothes


Leah was always rich. She went to the best schools, bought the best clothes, and ate the best food. She had everything the best, and she only joined Total Drama Cruise for some relaxation.

Challenge Guide

Chapter One - Leah got pushed off by Aaron in the surfing contest and her team won.

Chapter 2 - Leah refused to go under pole and her team lost in a tiebreaker. Her alliance voted for Jordan and he was eliminated.

Chapter 3 - Leah went with Myron to find an anchor but instead they started making out costing their team the challenge and in the end she was sent packing.

Audition Tape

The camera shows a girl in a bikini, sunbathing at a pool "I'm Leah and I just want to get on your show for the free cruise." she says "Right now I'm just relaxing at my pool while my servants clean my room." as the camera points to her rooms window and it shows a bunch of servants working. "We'd do a better job if you'd pay us a good salary." complained as servant holding the camera "Shut it and get me a soda." Leah yells to the servant "Yes, Ms. Leah." the servants says as he runs away "pick me." Leah says as the camera shuts off.


Myron - She might have a crush on him because she wanted to be on the same team as her ad their both rich. In chapter three she started making out him which cost her team the challenge.


She was in an alliance with Myron.


  • Leah is one of the original hand drawn contestants.
  • Leah was on the second boat and was the fifth one off.
  • Leah received a total of three votes.
  • Leah sat on Stu's bleacher.

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