Gender Male
Hair color Black
Eye color Green
Episode Eliminated The Great Return
Place 4th
Friends Scott
Enemies Zoey, Dakota, Dawn, Leshawna, Lightning, Mike

Trent, described as The Cool Guy with a Secret, is a contestant on Last Stop on the Total Drama Train.


Trent first appears in episode thirteen as a surprise debuting contestant, just after the merge. As he was on the board with everyone else, he was pushed off and landed on his crotch on the fence. Later, he lost the first round of the shootoff to Zoey after she had an early shot. After she lost the challenge, he voted her off.

In episode fourteen, Trent started to talk in his sleep. In his dream, he dreamed of Dakota as Heather kissing him, Dawn as Gwen breaking up with him and the two running around him, saying that they'll get him. He soon woke up crying but faints after Dakota asked what was wrong with him. Later during the challenge, Trent was successful at answering one question right during the first part of the challenge, answering that Lightning puking on the person in front of him because he couldn't answer a test. Later on, he tried to destroy Dawn and Leshawna's raft by knocking into it several times, but Dawn ordered a fish to attack him and his boat, causing him to lose the challenge. At the elimination ceremony, he voted off Dakota because he had painful nightmares earlier from the episode and she was eliminated soonafter.

In episode fifteen, Scott reminded Trent on their plan to get rid of "Gwen" by beating her. After the lights went off, Trent, Lightning and Scott went to the first class lobby to see the others. However, went they plan to go to the cockpit of the train, he and Dawn were pulled through the coal pile and they weren't seem for the rest of the episode.

In episode sixteen, Trent stayed quiet throughout the episode, but remarks Dawn as "Gwen", which greatly annoyed her. After Chris rescues him and the other finalist, there was an elimination ceremony. While there, Trent, Scott and Mike persona Zoey voted out Lightning. This angered Dawn as she used her immunity ticket to eliminate Trent.

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