Team Stowaways
Number of Members 6
Highest Ranking Member Dawn and Mike, 2nd/3rd Place
Lowest Ranking Member Cameron, 13th Place
Team Selected By Challenge

Team Stowaways is one of the three teams in Last Stop on the Total Drama Train.


This was the last team created in episode one. Chris predicted that this team would be the first team wiped out. However, they won the first four team challenges in the season, even a new team member challenge. During the team process of the season, Lightning swap out with Cameron in episode two, Brick swap out with Mike in episode six, Leshawna replaced Cameron in episode seven and B was added to the team in episode ten. This team was lead by Dakota and Dawn throughout the team process. When it came down to the merge, Dawn, Dakota, Mike and Leshawna passed the merge spot, only losing B and Cameron.

Team Members



Team Stowaways

B | Cameron | Dakota | Dawn | Mike | Leshawna

Team Elimination

Name Rank in Game Episode voted off Reason voted off
Cameron 13th Place A Sleepwalking Backstabber His team found him as the weakest link, as he was the first to fall asleep. Plus, Dawn and Dakota wanted to eliminate him so they can eliminate some guys while Mike wanted someone to target so he can have Zoey back.
B 10th VIVA LAS VEGAS! Even though the team voted for Dakota, Dakota used her immunity ticket, causing all the votes for Dakota not to count. Meaning that the only vote counted is Dakota's vote for B.
Dakota 7th Place Mrs. Sippi's River Challenge Scott told Mike that Dakota dressed up like his girlfriend in order to trick him and eliminate him, so in revenge, Mike joined Scott, Trent and a mystery contestant to vote off Dakota.
Leshawna 6th Place Night of the Crazies She saw the train being robbed, so she took her belongings (with a thousand dollars) and left the train in fear of her life and to see Scott getting hurt.
Mike 2nd/3rd Place Weird, Weirder and Weirdo Mike and Dawn lost to Scott in the final challenge.

Team Collectors | Team Holmes | Team Stowaways

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