Team Holmes
Number of Members 5
Highest Ranking Member Courtney, 14th Place
Lowest Ranking Member Staci, 17th Place
Team Selected By Challenge

Team Holmes is one of the three teams on Last Stop on the Total Drama Train.


This team is the first team created in episode one. However, as they thought they were the dominate team, they lost the first four challenges, leaving Sam as the last member left on the team. However, he was placed onto a different team, since he didn't lose the next challenge. He was placed onto Team Collectors with Scott, Lightning, Brick and Anne Maria. In episode ten, B returned to the game, having two members from the team in the game. However, later in the episode, Sam quit the competition to be with Anne Maria and in the following episode, B was eliminated for the second time, eliminated the final two members of the team for good.

Team Members

Team Holmes

B | Courtney | Jo | Sam | Staci

Team Elimination

Name Rank in Game Episode voted off Reason voted off
Staci 17th Fun in Newfoundland She lost the eating challenge for her team and found her annoying.
Jo 16th The Underground Passage to the Yukon Scott made her feel like she was in charge of everything. This cause the others to be annoyed with her attitude and vote her off in the end.
B 15th My Big Fat Silent Yukon Wedding Courtney convinced Sam to vote off B because the girls were outnumbered by the guys, so she found B has a huge threat to the game.
Courtney 14th Nome-y my Homey Courtney was automatically eliminated from the challenge, since Sam and the other teams crossed the finish line and she didn't.

NOTE: Sam was placed onto a different team, meaning that he wasn't eliminated from Team Holmes.


Team Collectors | Team Holmes | Team Stowaways

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