Team Collectors
Number of Members 6
Highest Ranking Member Scott, Winner
Lowest Ranking Member Zoey, 18th Place
Team Selected By Challenge

Team Collectors is one of the three teams in Last Stop on the Total Drama Train.


This team is the second team created in episode one. They were also the first team to lose a challenge, losing Zoey. However, after their lost, they tried to survive to the merge, which is something they end up doing. They were declared as the average team in the season, since they didn't lose every other challenge nor winning them. However, during the season, Cameron switched with Lightning, Mike switched with Brick, Sam was placed onto the team and Zoey later returned to the team. When it come to the merge, only Scott, Lightning and returnee Zoey passed the merge.

Team Members



Team Collectors

Anne Maria | Brick | Lightning | Sam | Scott | Zoey

Team Elimination

Name Rank in Game Episode voted off Reason voted off
Zoey 18th Place Brawling in the Falls She lost the challenge for her team, causing them to vote her off.
Anne Maria 12th Place Skateboarding in the Yosemite, Sam Because of Scott's stunt to injure Anne Maria, she was brutally injured to the point where she wasn't able to move. This caused her parents to forcefully remove her from the competition, regardless if the producers liked it or not.
Sam 11th Place The Area-Leshawna Files Dakota convinced him to quit the game, saying that he can be with Anne Maria sooner than later.
Brick 9th Place Shine Your Light Now Scott stole Brick's immunity ticket, giving him immunity and later voted off Brick, the only vote counted in the elimination ceremony.
Zoey 8th Place Cowboys vs Girls The other competitors voted her because because she cheated in the shoot-off challenge just so she and Mike can be safe.
Lightning 5th Place The Great Return Scott, Trent and Mike's persona Zoey voted him out.

Team Collectors | Team Holmes | Team Stowaways

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