Team Holmes
Gender Female
Hair color Brown
Eye color Dark Blue
Episode Eliminated Fun in Newfoundland
Place 17th
Enemies Courtney, Jo, B, Sam

Staci, described as The Psycho Liar, is a contestant in Last Stop on the Total Drama Train.


In the first episode, she annoyed Chris when she first started talking about her relatives, causing him to push her on the train. Later, she found the first ticket, creating her team with Courtney, Jo, B and Sam, naming them "Team Holmes".

In episode two, Staci was too scared to cross the tightrope, causing Jo to carry her team across the rope. However, she, Courtney, B and Sam nominated Jo to compete in the challenge, in which she came in second place, having them not win nor lose the challenge, saving them from elimination.

In episode three, when the boat was splitting up, Staci, B, Sam and Scott continued to the shore as the others were left in the water. Staci told B and Sam that she'll compete in the eating challenge, as she said she won "50 eating challenges at home". However, she barfed when she first saw the food, causing them to lose the challenge and her team later voted her off at the elimination ceremony. After she was eliminated, she claims that he ancestor created television, stating that before him, "people stared at snails eating rocks".

Team Holmes

B | Courtney | Jo | Sam | Staci

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