Team Collectors
Team Stowaways
Gender Male
Hair color Dark Brown
Eye color Brown
Episode Eliminated Weird, Weirdo and Weirder
Place 2nd/3rd Place
Relationship Zoey
Friends Dawn, Leshawna, B, Anne Maria
Enemies Cameron, Dakota, Scott, Lightning, Trent

Mike, described as The Schizophrenic Love-Sick Puppy, is a contestant on Last Stop on the Total Drama Train.


Mike made his first appearance in the season in episode one, but even before he can speak to Chris, Zoey asked him to be his girlfriend and he accepted the request as he though she was cute. Later, Mike and Zoey were placed on the same team, Team Collectors.

Throughout the season, Mike's multiple persona got his teams the win multiple times. However, his desire to be with Zoey got him crazy to the point where he thought that he was Zoey, until she returned in episode ten but on the opposing team. However, their reunion didn't last long as Zoey was eliminated soon as the merge started, which caused him to go back to his old self. Being alone, Mike teamed up with Dawn and Lightning until he hit the final six.

In episode fifteen, Mike first appeared trying to read the orb, but he was quickly interrupted when the guys were talking. Mike was eventually the first person taken by the robbers.

In episode sixteen, Mike was released by Dawn when the robbers left them. When they were planning on an escape, Mike's survivalist persona came into play and soon convinced the other finalist to follow him into the cave, which turned out to be extremely dark and also caused them to fall off a cliff. After Mike took control of his persona, he realized that the other competitors depended on him for escape, in which he went along with. After Chris save him and the others, Mike (as Zoey) voted Lightning off the show. He soon became a member of the final three along with Dawn and Scott. He lost in the next episode.

Team Stowaways

B | Cameron | Dakota | Dawn | Mike | Leshawna

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