Team Holmes
Gender Female
Hair color Dirty Blonde
Eye color Blue
Episode Eliminated The Underground Passage to the Yukon
Place 16th
Friends Courtney
Enemies Scott, Sam, B, Anne Maria, Staci, Lightning

Jo, described as The Jockette, is a contestant in Last Stop on the Total Drama Train.


In the first episode, Dawn freaked her out when she suddenly appeared on the train. Jo jumped on the train and helped her down. However, after Lightning comes on the show, Jo offered to arm wrestle him, but Chef broke the two up. Later, she was mad that she was placed on Staci's team, Team Holmes.

In episode two, she was mad that her team not wanting to compete in the challenge, so she grabbed everyone and crossed the tightrope if they liked it or not. When Jo thought that the challenge is throwing people off the falls, she through Mike right off the falls, causing him not to compete in the challenge. However, she founded out she had to knock off other members off a tightrope instead, this caused her team to nominate her instead. However, Dawn outsmarted her and knocked her off the tightrope with her shoe, causing her team not to win the challenge, but she didn't lose since Zoey (Team Collectors) fell off first.

In episode three, she and Courtney weren't able to compete for their team, as the boat while Team Collectors and Holmes broke apart. But, when they found out about Staci losing the challenge for them, she and the others voted her off the show, saying that she was extremely annoying.

In episode four, Scott charmed Jo to the point where she fell in love with him. But, when the murder-mystery challenge started, she was the last person from her team left standing after B disappeared, Courtney refusing to go to the other train section and Sam going to find Courtney but was taken. She came to the conclusion that Anne Maria was the killer and Dawn, Brick and Scott helped her tie her up to the train door, but she found out she wasn't the killer when Scott pushed her out of the storage room. When the contestants finally reunited, she yelled at her team for losing. When Team Collectors and Holmes were at the elimination ceremony, she and Anne Maria were in the bottom two, but everyone ended up voting for her. When Chris tried to push her off the train, she held on, but Scott pushed her off, finding out she was betrayed.

Team Holmes

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