Team Stowaways
Gender Female
Hair color Pale Blonde
Eye color Pale Teal
Episode Eliminated Weird, Weirdo and Weirder
Place 2nd/3rd Place
Relationship Lightning
Friends Sam, Brick, Mike, B
Enemies Scott, Cameron, Trent, Courtney

Dawn, described as The Moonchild, is a contestant on Last Stop on the Total Drama Train.


In episode one, Dawn was first introduced after getting stuck on the train, but Jo helped her down. Afterwards, she pointed out that the train was stolen and she pointed out who stole it. She was later placed on Team Stowaways with Dakota, Lightning and Brick.

Throughout the season, Dawn stayed neutral with her teammates and even made an alliance with Dakota to make sure the girls would be safe. She has done extremely dangerous stunts with her team, stealing Chris' helicopter and then crashing it, dog-sleighing on dogs and even made enemies. After the competitors started to betray her, Dawn hooked up with Lightning, who was being used by Scott. They teamed up together so they can survive to the final six, in which they did.

In episode fifteen, Dawn is first seen in the episode by hanging upslidedown and telling Leshawna that she knows about her alliance plan (which she said no too) and that she knows that she voted for Dakota. Afterwards, she questioned why the guys came running into the first class lobby, so she went out to check if the coast is clear, but she was taken by the robbers.

In episode sixteen, she freed everyone after using her nails to set herself free. Soon after, she told everyone to trust Mike's survivor persona, saying that he'll help save them. However, it lead her into a dark cave and eventually caused her to fall off a cliff. However, when the other contestants questioned Mike, she told them that they should follow her, which they soon did which later saved them. At the elimination ceremony, she voted for Trent but that didn't help since Lightning was eliminated. She was angered at Trent so she used her immunity ticket to eliminate Trent. She has the final three with Scott and Mike. She lost in the next episode.

Team Stowaways

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